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F/MFood to Microorganism ratio
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The ongoing trends in this market include various strategic alliances, development of T21 testing assay by Sequenom, enhanced T21/T18 detection and reduced fetal loss by MaterniT21, ongoing clinical trials, and development of other fetal/maternal diagnostic tests.
AirStripA and The Batswadi Group have declared a strategic partnership to bring the AirStrip ONEA mobile interoperability platform and the Sense4Baby wireless fetal/maternal monitoring system into ten African countries, with first launch in South Africa.
A wireless fetal/maternal monitoring product has been purchased by AirStrip.
Current non-invasive Doppler ultrasound, employed to detect fetal heart rate is subject to gaps in fetal monitoring due to fetal/maternal movement10.
MindChild's principal technology platform, the MERIDIAN non-invasive fetal electrocardiograph monitor, is designed to report fetal heart rate data equivalent to the gold standard fetal scalp electrode in addition to novel ECG metrics intended to provide obstetricians a deeper understanding of fetal/maternal health and management.
Such statements include information regarding the Company's expectations, goals or intentions about the future, including, but not limited to, statements regarding the performance of the Company's Encore fetal/maternal monitor.
An Advanced and Integrated System for Fetal/Maternal Monitoring--USA
Under the terms of the agreement, HP will use NPB's software algorithms, calibrations and fetal sensors for measuring fetal oxygen saturation in future integrated HP fetal/maternal monitors.