FF1Final Fantasy 1 (video game)
FF1Firefighter 1 (certification level)
FF1Fibroin Factor 1
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In FAN, FAS and possibly FF1, it corresponds to the well-defined sedimentary stratum called the 'grey clay' by the excavators (Farrand 2000: 50-51).
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is equipping its FF1 with the 1.
The number plate FF1 might itself fetch more than the car it is on if a buyer wants to transfer it to a modern car.
GA, Alberta CCF Records, M1722, ff1, "Alberta CCF Party Papers, 1940-1961.
But when the bill came, a handwritten version stated ff1,637 and a printed copy said 197 euros.
ff1 need to get something done I want to work with a limited number of people who have the expertise and knowledge needed.
The value of UK imports of Bordeaux wines went up 17% last year to FF1.
FF1 groups together all technical capabilities and entrepreneurial skills, FF2 is clearly defined and picks up the four forms of learning connected with innovation, and FF3 consists of managerial skills.
He revealed that Paul would have forked out pounds 300 a year for the policy worth FF1 million - the equivalent of around pounds 100,000.
Since June, the Ivoirian government has been trying to persuade the French constructor, Bouygues, with whom it has a FF1.
Auto Business News-March 25, 2013--Ford to launch FF1 track car at Goodwood Festival of Speed(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.