FF8Final Fantasy 8 (video game)
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FF1 and FF8 are similar in that one asks for similarities and the other for differences, and in both cases, the systems did represent the knowledge but did not support the reasoning method to compute them.
pr1, and whp1 testers indicated that both GE37 and FF8 possess functional alleles at those loci.
The umc6 data showed a deficiency of heterozygotes, tub4 was deficient for FF8 alleles, and umc162a had an excess of heterozygotes.
The exceptions were the chromosome 8 QTLs, for which FF8 had the higher value allele in Georgia, and the heterozygous genotype had the highest value in Missouri (Table 3).
Our testcross evaluations of pollen color indicated that both GE37 and FF8 have functional alleles at whp1 implying that if that locus is indeed responsible for the effect on maysin concentration, the effect is not due to a complete loss of function in one of the parents.
However, testcrosses to a p11 stock revealed no differences between GE37 and FF8 alleles with regard to anthocyanin pigmentation.
Although neither GE37 nor FF8 has the salmon silk phenotype, other allelic variations at this locus might be present.
Among first-crop sires, Octagonal and Zamindar did well for those who used them at Ff8,000 and pounds 7,000 respectively, illustrating the confidence in the current batch of young stallions.
Prize-money for the mile-and-a-half showpiece, to be known as the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Lucien Barriere, will be immediately increased by 25 per cent to Ff8.
John Hammond is also having a vintage season, with his winnings-at home and abroad-totalling Ff8.
When it comes to money won, Bary is currently setting the pace with just over FF8 million to his credit.