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FiO2Fraction of Inspired Oxygen
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The result is the ability to see variability in not only patient status--for example, if the FiO2 data point increases, it signals a worsening oxygenation status that is a huge red flag - but also in clinical practice, such as weaning.
To evaluate whether AEROSURF was positively impacting oxygenation as assessed by the FiO2 requirement, two measurements were assessed: (i) the need for supplemental oxygen at one hour after either starting the AEROSURF treatment or randomization to the control group (the "one-hour measurement") and (ii) the FiO2 change from baseline over three hours (the "three-hour measurement").
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Titrating FiO2 concentration to achieve the lowest acceptable arterial oxygen partial pressure or oxygen saturation appears to be a worthwhile goal.
There was no mist being generated, the setting on the PHN was set on 35 and it was anyone's guess as to what the FiO2 being delivered might be.
Son yillarda literaturde de %30 ve uzeri FiO2 ile ventilasyonun ortalama 5-7 gun civarinda tutulmasi oncesinde ve/veya devaminda CPAP ile oksitravma ve barotravmadan kacinilmasi onerilmektedir (25).
Qp/Qs ratio was calculated with switching back to the respiratory measures and FiO2 values prior to surgery by obtaining blood gas samples from appropriate sites, Postoperative Qp/Qs ratio was calculated as 1.