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FIDELISFund for Innovative DOTS Expansion Through Local Initiatives to Stop TB (IUATLD)
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de Treville had served him so faithfully in his wars against the league that in default of money--a thing to which the Bearnais was accustomed all his life, and who constantly paid his debts with that of which he never stood in need of borrowing, that is to say, with ready wit--in default of money, we repeat, he authorized him, after the reduction of Paris, to assume for his arms a golden lion passant upon gules, with the motto Fidelis et fortis.
The collaboration provides the Fidelis Elevate(TM) platform in a compact, quick setup, rugged form factor, ideal for meeting demanding size, weight, power and reliability requirements for military tactical cyber defensive operations, including pre-positioned cyber sensors and deployable "hunt mission" kits.
Fidelis said the integration of Topspin's DECOYnet technology with Fidelis Elevate will enhance the value proposition of the entire Elevate platform.
to the vendor, Fidelis Elevate improves the security posture by providing
Ian Turner has been promoted to group chief actuary, effective immediately, for Fidelis Insurance.
Nigel Stoke's 61-footer Fidelis is the only yacht competing in this year's Sydney Hobart fleet that has had a book specifically written about her.
Sam Foster's Non Semper Fidelis skillfully examines the inner workings of a Marine Corps base, Quantico, during an uneasy period in 1968.
Helping children choose healthy foods can be a challenge, especially during back-to-school time," said Fidelis Care Chief Medical Office Sanjiv Shah, MD, MPH.
After years of ongoing research and thousands of hours of incident response engagements, we're eager to give back to the security community by sharing some of the threat intelligence we've curated and free tools we've developed, said Fidelis Cybersecurity Vice President of Threat Research Hardik Modi.
The post Fidelis announces participation at GISEC appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
Fidelis has arranged for a third party to provide women's reproductive health services, although that's not clear on the plan's website.
Supplementing the proprietary threat intelligence provided by General Dynamics Fidelis' threat research team, integrated YARA rules and other industry partnerships, the information from the CrowdStrike Intelligence Exchange provides Fidelis XPS customers with an even broader range of threat intelligence.