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FOField Office
FOFront Office
FOFormatting Object (XSL)
FOForeign Office
FOFace-Off (hockey)
FOFaroe Islands
FOFirst Order
FOFollow On
FOForamen Ovale (neurology)
FOFallout (computer game)
FOForeign Object
FOFormula One
FOFuel Oil
FOForce Ouvrière (French Labor Union)
FOForce Ouvrière (Workers Force)
FOForli (postcode, Italy)
FOFreak Out
FOFar Out
FOFirst Officer
FOFormosa (Argentina province, airline code)
FOFactory Outlet (UK shopping channel)
FOFly Out (Baseball)
FOField Operations
FOFinance Officer
FOFluid Ounce (unit of measurement)
FOFantasy Online (video game)
FOFlight Operations
FOFurnace Oil
FOForward Observer
FOFlying Object
FOFoul Out (baseball)
FOFull Out (typography)
FOForeign Objects (band)
FOFinished Object (crafts)
FOFitting Out
FOFurka Oberalp (railway in the Alps)
FOFlip Off
FOForce Operations
FOForeign Service Officer
FOField Order
FOFail Operational
FOFlag Officer (Royal Navy)
FOFlying Officer (Royal Air Force & commonwealth countries)
FOFlight Officer
FOFairly Oddparents (cartoon)
FOFirm Offer
FOFiscal Officer
FOFirm Order
FOForsvarets Overkommando (Norwegian)
FOFail Open
FOFlake Off (polite form)
FOFlight Order (US Navy)
FOFlash Override
FOFourth Official (soccer)
FOFacilities Office
FOFire Order
FOFriendship Over
FOForced Outage (power industry)
FOForlì, Emilia (Italian province)
FOFrequent Observation
FOFarmowners (multiple line insurance policy covering farmowner's property and liability coverage)
FOFirst Orbit
FOFirst Orchestra (Plano, TX)
FOFrosted Orange (drink)
FOFocus Offset
FOFlow Orifice
FOFull Organ
FOFederation Object
FOForeign Operations Administration
FOFlight Object
FOFun Orb (game website)
FOFully Orthogonal
FOFree Overside
FOFire & Observe
FOFunctional Orthosis
FOForm Stroke (swimming)
FOFinsbury Orthopaedics Ltd (UK)
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These two great commanders did not condescend to fight in person -- that being better suited to the still smaller fry -- but sat together on an eminence and conducted the field operations by orders delivered through aides-de-camp.
As the Boston Director of Field Operations, Ferrara is responsible for operations and enforcement activities at 68 international ports of entry and stations throughout the 6-state region of New England which includes 750 miles of land border with Canada.
Aerohive Networks (NYSE:HIVE), a provider of controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-managed mobile networking for the enterprise market, announced on Wednesday that Dean Hickman-Smith, senior vice president of Worldwide Field Operations, will be leaving Aerohive to pursue other opportunities.
NYSE: IMPV) said it has promoted Jason Forget to the position of senior vice president of worldwide field operations.
Currently, Warmedal is head of AGR Field Operations for the Asia Pacific region, and he previously held the position of EVP for the division in Bergen, western Norway.
Field Operations is expected to continue its involvement with the project through environmental and land use reviews and as a design consultant for phase-one improvements.
Bostic said as the numbers decline, personnel will continue to be drawn from the specialized units because field operations are the LAPD's top priority.
The Erie County Fair is a great place to explain career opportunities to the public, said Director of Field Operations Rose Hilmey.
2) Mount Hollywood is ``the greatest public spot to hike to,'' says LaBonge, director of field operations for the city of Los Angeles.
This is the second high-level post Finland is holding in an OSCE field operation.
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