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FOMFlavor of the Month (also seen as FOTM)
FOMFundamentals of Management (leadership seminar; various organizations)
FOMFeeble Old Man
FOMFigure Of Merit
FOMFuture of Mobile (wireless communications)
FOMFuture of Manufacturing (various meanings)
FOMFiber Optic Multiplexer (various companies)
FOMFormula One Management (racing)
FOMFriends of Mo
FOMFundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie (Dutch organization for fundamental research of matter)
FOMField of Membership
FOMFocus on Mathematics
FOMFill and Outline Manager
FOMFormula One Management
FOMFirst of Month
FOMFishers of Men
FOMField Operations Manual
FOMFreedom of Movement
FOMFront Office Manager (hotel industry)
FOMFront Office Manager
FOMFederation Object Model
FOMFriends of Music (Cal State LA scholarship)
FOMFiber Optic Modem
FOMFrag-O-Matic (Belgian LAN parties)
FOMFlight Operations Manual
FOMFoundations of Mathematics
FOMFirst-Order Method (algorithm)
FOMFaculty of Occupational Medicine (UK)
FOMFuture of Obsolescence Management (Converge)
FOMFrancophones d'Oncologie Médicale (French: Francophone Medical Oncology)
FOMFace of Mankind (MMORPG)
FOMFloor of Mouth
FOMField Operations Manager
FOMField Office Manager
FOMFan of the Month
FOMFinition Organo-Minérale (French: Organo-Mineral Finish; automotive finish)
FOMFull Orthogonalization Method
FOMFlight Operations Manager
FOMFraternal Order of Moai
FOMFacilitate Other Maintenance
FOMFull of Mana (Everquest game)
FOMFollowers of Malkav (Runescape clan)
FOMFacility Operations Manager
FOMFiber Optik Market (Turkey)
FOMFacilities Operation Model (budeting)
FOMFriends of Max
FOMFamily of Men (MoMa photographic exhibition by Edward Steichen)
FOMFree On Motor (timber goods pricing)
FOMFond Obshchestvennoye Mnenie (Public Opinion Foundation, Russia)
FOMFly-Out Model
FOMFriends of Oswald Mosley (UK)
FOMField of Moment (Sonar)
FOMFunctional Output Message
FOMFurther Other Maintenance (parts removed from aircraft to get access to other parts)
FOMFirst Outstanding Message
FOMFilm Operations Manager
FOMForamen of Monroe
FOMFace-Off Middie (Lacrosse position)
FOMFollow on Maintenance
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of Fitchburg, an environmental remediation provider, has named Prakash Acharya engineering department manager and Philip Theriault field operations manager.
NDC Infrared Engineering has appointed Robert Schartner as North America field operations manager.
The prestigious 'Customer Service Excellence Award' for the year 2009 was handed to Mohammad E Kanoo, president of Ebrahim K Kanoo Company by Norihiro Yoshida, field operations manager of Toyota Middle East, in a special ceremony hosted in the company's main office in Manama.
Geoff Rushton, field operations manager at the educational charity in Gulson Road, Coventry, said: "The unemployed programme's success comes from forging longstanding relationships with local employers.
Now there are about 6,000 monthly call box calls, said Kali Fogel, field operations manager for L.
Bill Walker, field operations manager for Punch's central region, said: "I think that the business will continue to move towards food, particularly with the smoking ban.
The new team for South, West and Mid Wales consists of field operations manager Lynda Davies, account managers Tyrone Lewis, Jon Jewell, Kate Brain and Pamela Bayal.
Committee members also heard an update from John Dailey, NLC's field operations manager, on NLC's advocacy and grassroots efforts.
announces that Dan Thome has joined the company as field operations manager.
However, John Wright, field operations manager for Staffordshire Ambulance Service said: 'High temperatures leave people at high risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which in extreme circumstances can lead to death.
Then for about six weeks, Penny Bovard, field operations manager at Mattson, contacted these companies.