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But now throughout the city these gifts disappear And taken it seems without our consent These fields of green and plenty that are ours A gift for us to hold forever, they were never lent Where are the guardians of this city's great past Protectors of our history, which was always meant to last?
We came out, walked along Torrington Avenue Not a nice view No factories or pubs to be seen, only fields of green.
Fields of Green compels the reader to re-imagine complex and nuanced relationships between environment, culture, and education through the contributions of philosophers, activists, poets, artists, journalists, researchers, teachers, and a variety of other contributors of fields of inquiry and practice.
Wind whips scarves, hand in gloves Warm stodge in bellies, a surge of love A postie cycles, a flash of red Most folks are still in bed Through the mist, a rainbow's seen Fresh dawn drops in fields of green The barn dance, faces aglow Is there a hint of snow Ruddy cheeks flushed, hair flaxen fair They'll sup the ale without a care.
Barnyard babies--lambs, foals, goslings, piglets--frisk through fields of green.
Gardens edged with moldy skirts, unending fields of green.
Showed enough when staying on well for second behind easy winner Fields Of Green at Bellewstown a week ago to suggest she is up to winning a handicap such as this.
Entries will be judged by a panel of distinguished experts in the fields of green building and renewable energy.
After bumper-to-bumper traffic and rows upon rows of humongous buildings in Shanghai it was a relief to see vast fields of green and yellow (canola, we were told).
For the county, golf courses are fields of green - as in cash.
Warehouse go even grander - with rolling fields of green.
those lush fields of green, die leaves of the plant petals in themselves,