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FIBFocused Ion Beam
FIBForwarding Information Base
FIBFestival Internacional de Benicàssim
FIBFédération de l'Industrie du Béton (French: Concrete Industry Federation)
FIBFacultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona
FIBFish in A Barrel
FIBFederazione Italiana Bocce (Italian Bocce Federation)
FIBFlying Inflatable Boat
FIBForward Indicator Bit (SS7 MTP Layer 2)
FIBFires Brigade
FIBFederal Investigation Bureau (Grand Theft Auto IV)
FIBFast Information Block
FIBFraud Intelligence Bureau (UK)
FIBFédération Internationale de Boules
FIBFlight Information Bulletin
FIBFrequency-Invariant Beamformer
FIBFoundation for Internet Begging
FIBFishing-in-Balance Index (marine ecosystems)
FIBFriendly Illinois Brethren
FIBFields by Information Blending
FIBFriendly Illinois Buddy
FIBForwarding Information Block
FIBField Information Bulletin (Unisys)
FIBFile Interface Block
FIBFrame Insertion Board
FIBFreshwater Invertebrate Biology (journal)
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The fill-in-the-blanks are then inserted into a computer-generated "Epic Story," such as the "personal" one below.
Assuming that Maeda's aim is to elicit more than a fill-in-the-blank response, he must avoid infantilizing his audience.
The primary stimulus materials for this study were 32 multiple-choice questions chosen from the analogies and fill-in-the-blank sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
However, even with these fill-in-the-blank contracts, the broker must be careful not to give legal advice.
These tasks are completed by responses to pop-up windows, prompts for information, and fill-in-the-blank fields.
1: multiple choice, true/false, numeric and text fill-in-the-blank, multiple selection, and preference questions.
There's a section with a fill-in-the-blank "family" game (Manson_____, _____ business, _____jewels) that suggests the wide variety of communal living situations, while at the same time it destroys any hope of structural coherence.
6 - Incorporates important new functionality such as Self Service, allowing casual users to easily generate a fill-in-the-blank contract such as an NDA.
up to three players can compete head-to-head for hours and hours of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, DisOrDat(TM), Gibberish Question(R), and Jack Attack(R) challenges.
The advanced testing suite enables educators to quickly build review questions and tests using any combination of true/false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, drag and drop, and fill-in-the-blank questions.
Question types include multiple choice, multiple response, numeric, word response, essay, fill-in-the-blank, matching/ranking, hot spot, drag and drop, and matrix.
Courses can be created with hands-on activities, skills assessment, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, and many other components to provide quality training.