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FINAFédération Internationale de Natation (French: International Swimming Federation; Lausanne, Switzerland; formerly Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur)
FINAFederation of Independent Nursing Agencies (UK)
FINAFood Intolerance Network of Australia
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De Fina was devoted to helping others, which was reflected in his work with SIA.
The third edition of the convention also includes the FINA Extraordinary Congress, a session to determine future innovations and rule changes in the sport, and the 2nd FINA Gold Swimming Coaches Clinic, a knowledge-sharing opportunity for top-level coaches.
If Dubai ever wants to organise any of the Fina events, I will be 101 per cent behind them.
Eleven teams have accepted the invitation of FINA to participate in this tournament include Singapore, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Netherlands, Antilles, Chile and Trinidad and Tobago.
A statement read: "To secure a level-playing field, the swimsuits approved will be available to all swimmers at the FINA World Championships in Rome from July 17-August 2, 2009.
The compliment I take away from someone telling me they like Fina better than Mucho Gusto is that we made it different, and we did it good," West says.
Berry succeeds in giving us further insight in what Ross sees as an unexplored aspect of slave life--love--and the intimate bonds they formed in Ross and Fina but in most cases could not see to fruition.
Fara Fina didn't open until March 1995, well after the holiday season.
Australian head coach Don Talbot said any swimmer using the suits, could be stripped of world records if FINA subsequently declares them illegal.
A hearing before the FINA Doping Panel was held on July 24, 1998, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The men became employees of Linfox 16 months ago after Fina decided to sell its fuel delivery business.
Fina's metallocene isotactic PP, introduced for sampling last year, also has some potential in blow molding, although Fina has not developed it yet.