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FINAFédération Internationale de Natation (French: International Swimming Federation; Lausanne, Switzerland; formerly Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur)
FINAFederation of Independent Nursing Agencies (UK)
FINAFood Intolerance Network of Australia
FINAFederation of International Netball Association (Zimbabwe)
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Manar Al Moneef, General Manager, GE's Onshore Wind Business, in Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, said: "It's truly exceptional when our work can actively contribute to the realization of essential national strategies our relationship with Fina Enerji continues to be a shining example of what true collaboration can accomplish.
El Tribunal de lo Deportivo avalo que, efectivamente, no eramos sujetos obligados, el unico obligado era la Federacion Mexicana de Natacion, pero la FINA determino que, siendo asi, declinaba a esa solicitud", declaro Andre Marx Miranda.
We would like to thank FINA for the trust that they have placed in us and we guarantee to deliver on our commitments.
Scotto bottled his first Sera Fina vintage in 2006.
5 2,75 E7-M1 MEDIA AFINA 0,5 2,6 0,9 4 E7-M3 MEDIA AFINA 10 12 6 28 E8-M5 MEDIA AFINA 7,32 10,25 3 20,57 E11-M6 MEDIA AFINA 1 1,5 0,5 3 E12-M9 MEDIA AFINA 0,66 1 0,34 2 E13-M5 MEDIA AFINA 7 8 3 ie E14-M1 MEDIA AFINA 7 8 2 17 E14-M4 MEDIA AFINA 0,8 1 0,2 2 E14-M5 MEDIA AFINA 5 5 3 13 E17-M8 MEDIA AFINA 1 0 1 2 E18-M3 MEDIA A FINA 3 0 1 4 E18-M5 MEDIA A FINA 0 0 2 2 E19-M2 MEDIA A FINA 2 5 7 14 E2-M1 FINA A MUY FINA 0,25 0,5 0,25 1 E2-M2 FINA A MUY FINA 2,08 1,92 0,77 4,77 E4-M1 FINA A MUY FINA 0,3 0,6 0,2 1.
Speaking at a press conference, Cornel Marculescu, FINA Executive Director said, oeIt's heartening to see that the local participation has increased.
But FINA pointed out that the event was a national competition that came under the jurisdiction of the US Masters Swimming, which is an affiliate of the US Aquatic Sports governing body that represents the country in FINA.
Donovan and Fina, having filed wrongful death lawsuits in Worcester Superior Court stating the landlord was negligent in failing to respond to Ms.
Chico's music transports Fina to unprecedented heights on the dance floor, as described in her jumpy, electric voice: "A man whose face I barely saw grabbed hold of my waist and spun me into the sea of dancers.
FINA vice-president Bill Matson has died at the age of 72, swimming's world governing body said.
The Shanghai swim meet was an official function of FINA, the international swimming federation.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's national water polo team won five games in a raw and managed to receive the berth for FINA Cup final.