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FVIFrance Vétérinaire International (French: France International Veterinary)
FVIFamily Violence Initiative
FVIFondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (South America)
FVIFichier des Victimes Indemnisées (French: File Victims Indemnified)
FVIFrance Volet Intex (French finance company)
FVIForage Value Index (agriculture)
FVIFilm Ventures International (production company)
FVIForce de Vente Informatique (French: Computing Sales Force)
FVIFirst Voice International (Silver Spring, MD)
FVIFlexible Volatility Index (fuel quality)
FVIFinal Visual Inspection (manufacturing; various companies)
FVIFruta Vida International (est. 2004; Alabama)
FVIFemmes Et Villes International (French: Women in Cities International)
FVIForeign Vessel Inspection
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At the end of the process, full diagnostic tests are conducted, before a final visual inspection is carried out and the products are carefully packaged and despatched.
Conducting final visual inspection and final clearance air sampling upon completion of the asbestos abatement project.
will market its FP-9000, a high-end automatic final visual inspection system that inspects PCB for visual and functional defects before assembly, from October 2013.
The sequence region comprising nucleotides 60-708 of the F gene was entered into a multiple alignment generated by Clustal-W and corrected through final visual inspection with the SeqLab application (Wisconsin package version 10.
During the cleaning, encapsulation and final visual inspection phases, the project administrator should be inside the work area to check the cleaning of all surfaces and to take air samples.
The next step is to grade the segments for size and this is achieved by a series of grading belts so that up to fifteen different sizes can be separated before final visual inspection and filling into cans using a steam-flow closure technique.
We are now undertaking final visual inspections before fitting the solution," Sir Adrian added.