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FAPFiltre à Particule (French: Particle Filter)
FAPFamilial Adenomatous Polyposis
FAPFuerza Aerea Peruana (Spanish: Peruvian Air Force; Peru)
FAPFrente Amplio Progresista (Spanish: Broad Progressive Front; Mexico)
FAPForça Aérea Portuguesa
FAPFair Access Policy
FAPFamily Advocacy Program (US Navy)
FAPFamilial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy
FAPFinancial Assistance Program
FAPFrance Auto Pièces (French: France Auto Parts)
FAPFederal Art Project (Work Projects Administration)
FAPFire Alarm Panel (safety device)
FAPFundamentals of Actuarial Practice (course)
FAPFood Assistance Program
FAPFixed Action Pattern
FAPFiltre a Particules
FAPFlood Action Plan
FAPFuerza Aérea del Perú (Peruvian Air Force)
FAPFibronectin Attachment Protein
FAPFamily Assistance Program
FAPForever Alone Party
FAPFederal-Aid Primary (highway system)
FAPFirst Aid Post
FAPFull American Plan (three meals per day plan in accommodations)
FAPFlight Attendant Panel (aviation)
FAPFonds d'Aide aux Projets (French: Fund for Assistance to Projects)
FAPFile Access Protocol
FAPFinal Average Pay (often used to determine pension benefits)
FAPFinal Anthropic Principle
FAPFijian Association Party
FAPFamilies as Partners
FAPFine Arts Program (various organizations)
FAPFormats and Protocols
FAPFormation Aux Particuliers (French information technology association)
FAPFitness America Pageant (competitions)
FAPFirst Amendment Project
FAPFood and Agriculture Program (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis; Austria)
FAPFederação Académica do Porto
FAPFinal Approach Point
FAPFood Aid Program (World Health Organization)
FAPFile Assignment Problem (aka File Allocation Problem)
FAPFORTRAN Assembly Program (assembly language for FORTRAN compatibility)
FAPFunctional Activity Program
FAPFood Aid Package
FAPFreiheitliche Arbeiterpartei (Liberal Workers Party)
FAPFleet Assistance Program
FAPFlyaway Package
FAPFace Animation Parameter (computer science)
FAPFinancial Advisors Program
FAPFootball Avenir Professionnel (French professional football association)
FAPFighter Associate Program (US Air Force)
FAPFurry Art Pile (online art community)
FAPFictionalley Park (forum)
FAPFlight Analysis Program (aviation)
FAPFlight Analogs Project (US NASA)
FAPFootball Association of Penang
FAPFeline American Princess
FAPFree Address Pointer
FAPFunctional Area Plan
FAPFree Address Pool
FAPFirst Annual Picnic
FAPForce Alignment Plan
FAPFunctional Assessment Plan
FAPFleet Assistance Personnel
FAPFrequency Allocation Panel
FAPFinal Assault Point (military term)
FAPFatigue Action Plan
FAPFast Action Procedure
FAPFisheries Alternative Program (Canada)
FAPFundamentalistische Arbeiderspartij
FAPFinancial Assistant Program
FAPFlight Activity Plan
FAPField-Activated Promotion
FAPField Action Plan
FAPFilter, Air Coolpad
FAPForce Alignment Program
FAPFacility Acquired Pneumonia
FAPFunctional Anatomy and Pathophysiology
FAPFinance & Accounting Policy
FAPFinal Approved Program
FAPFinal Approved Plan
FAPFirst Admission Point
FAPFencing Academy Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
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Ralph, associate professor in the Faculty of Nursing, submitted the winning response from a faculty member, while Talysha Bujold-Abu, a second-year student in the School of Creative Arts Master of Fine Arts program in visual arts, won the student prize.
Having graduated from the School of the Art Institute in performance and admitted to the fine arts program on her paintings, she feels right at home at the Woodstock Opera House.
Rubio, a graduate of the Fine Arts program of University of Santo Tomas, recently unveiled an important mural on Philippine-United States relations at the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.
Fine Arts Program Coordinator Chris Brennan's paintings are being presented in an art showcase featuring various artists from the Midwest.
To receive it at a time when universities everyplace else in the world are suffering cutbacks -- when the first thing to be slashed are programs like art history, studio art -- to be in an institution where the fine arts program is actually growing, it is truly exciting.
Fiction-writer Mike Copperman and poet Michelle Pe[+ or -]aloza, both alumni of the University of Oregon's master of fine arts program, will share their recent work.
she helped establish a new poetry master of fine arts program.
Starting in September, Aboriginal students in the north will be able to take the first year of OCAD's Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at a satellite campus at Laurentian.
Brian Ray, Associate Professor of English in the School of Liberal Arts, takes on a new role this semester as Theatre Director in the Fine Arts program at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.
The masters of fine arts program is locating their studios in the old carpentry shop because of the effect renovation has had in this area.
Costs relating to participation in a school fine arts program are often, but not always, less than those of their community-based counterparts.
Joel Queen is the Fine Arts Program Coordinator and Instructor of Fine Arts at the OICA, which is a Native American Institution of higher education east of the Mississippi River dedicated to Native American arts.