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FIPAFreedom of Information and Privacy Association (British Columbia, Canada)
FIPAFederation Internationale des Producteurs Agricoles (French: International Federation of Agricultural Producers)
FIPAFederación Internacional de Productores Agrícolas (Spanish: International Federation of Agricultural Producers)
FIPAFinnish Information Processing Association
FIPAForeign Investment Protection Agreement (Canada)
FIPAFoundation for Intelligent Physical Agent
FIPAFarm Income Protection Act (Canada)
FIPAFamilial Intestinal Polyatresia Syndrome
FIPAFlorida Industrial Pretreatment Association
FIPAfellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (UK)
FIPAFlorida Independent Purchasing Alliance, Inc.
FIPAFédération Nationale de Commerce des Négociants Spécialisés en Produits Alimentaires (French: National Federation of Specialty Trade Merchants and Food Distributors)
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The changes also include the relocation of people and livestock into the area and traditional religious beliefs of the Fipa people of Sumbawanga (Wills 1981).
The new Bernoulli vacuum cups from FIPA are made from FDA compliant PEEK and are therefore particularly well suited for applications with direct food contact.
We agreed it was our fiduciary responsibility to protect the Aboriginal rights and title of our First Nations people, by challenging the FIPA and demanding proper consultation," said Brenda Sayers, elected councillor of Hupacasath First Nation.
To be minimally FIPA-compliant requires compliance to the Agent Management FIPA specification [Nwana et.
FIPA is an IEEE Computer Society standards organization that promotes agent-based technology and the interoperability of its standards with other technologies.
16) It appears, therefore, that both the current CBA and the FIPA detect binding to simple tetramers.
The FIPA interaction protocol that will be use in this case is the FIPA Query Protocol.
The film beat 13 other films - from Poland, France, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands - to win the top prize in the FIPA event which was held in Biarritz.
The film beat 13 other films from as far afield as Poland, France, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands to win the top prize in the FIPA event, which was held in Biarritz.
FIPA is an international non-profit association of companies and organizations that agree to share efforts to produce specifications of generic agent technologies.
FIPA also will establish new quality standards and a code of good practice for companies using food irradiation technology in North America.
According to the company, FIPA is a fast, precise, accurate and reliable technique for measuring the molecular weight, molecular size, intrinsic velocity and percent polymer of a process sample without the need for elaborate sample preparation.