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FISSFiscal Intermediary Standard System (Medicare)
FISSForeign Intelligence and Security Services (US Defense Intelligence Agency)
FISSFamily and Individual Support Services (disability help)
FISSFederazione Italiana Sport Silenziosi (Italian: Italian Sport Federation for the Deaf)
FISSFish Information Stream Summary
FISSFlight, Invulnerability, Speed, Strength (comic book slang)
FISSFacility Inspection Support System (FDA computer program used by inspectors in the USA to report findings.)
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Washish squashish squeak, Sinbad, hey-diddle diddle, grunt unt grumble, hiss, fiss, whiss,' said he to me, one day after dinner- but I beg a thousand pardons, I had forgotten that your majesty is not conversant with the dialect of the Cock-neighs (so the man-animals were called; I presume because their language formed the connecting link between that of the horse and that of the rooster).
It's recommended to give it at the time of surgical removal of FISS, injecting it in the area where the tumor was removed.
The Supreme Court is far more enthusiastic than Professor Fiss is about alternative dispute resolutions that vest legal authority in private persons rather than in federal or state judges.
This classic model to study diffusion is based on the assumption that the practice is unchangeable and organizations are passive, and the only option is accepting or rejecting the new practice (Burkert & Lueg, 2013, Fiss & Zajac, 2004).
The FISS score was grouped into mild (FISS score 1-3), moderate (FISS score 4-7) and severe injuries (FISS score 8-15).
Owen Fiss, "Against Settlement" (1984) Yale Law Journal 1073.
Legal scholar Owen Fiss presents A War Like No Other: The Constitution in a Time of Terror, an examination how constitutional principles of freedom have been altered by counterterrorism practices in the wake of the September 11th attacks.
Do ponto de vista metodologico, que e o foco central desse artigo, varios metodos tem sido utilizados com o objetivo de alcancar essa multidimensionalidade dinamica, tais como de Regressao Linear (Drazin & Vandeven, 1986), Analise de Cluster (Short, Payne & Ketchen, 2008), Divergencia de Pontos (Delery & Doty, 1996); Redes Sociais (Siggelkow, 2002), Lattice (Milgrom & Roberts, 1990, 1995), Modelos Hierarquicos Lineares (Hoffmann, 1997), Analise Qualitativa Comparativa--QCA e tecnicas relacionadas (Ragin, 2007; Greckhamer, Misangyi, Elms & Lacey, 2008; Fiss, 2011; Pedrozo, Dias & Abreu, 2012).
Bill Fiss, former deputy administrator, Wisconsin Division of Children and Family Services
Clairton Marcolongo-Pereira (I) Adriana Stigger (II) Leticia Fiss (II) Ana Carolina Coelho (II) Bianca Santos (II) Sergio Vargas Junior (II) Ana Lucia Schild (I) *
10) As Owen Fiss recognized three decades ago, such statistics call into question whether settlement is invariably a good thing, and whether, in too many cases, a fixation on achieving settlement has prioritized clearing dockets over doing justice.
Charter Members: John Hart Ely, Ronald Dworkin, Owen Fiss, Frank Michelman, Laurence Tribe