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FITELFirst International Telecom
FITELFondo de Inversión de Telecomunicaciones (Spanish: Fund for Investment in Telecommunications; various locations)
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The climb to the platform for the third time in three races since Fitel moved to Ferrari after the end of the last season remains a great result.
Mobile devices like PDA, MID and laptop integrated with WiMAX cards or connected with standalone FITEL WiMAX cards allow viewing of cable TV online anytime and anywhere.
In addition Fitel is using the ST16 for lawful intercept as well as its In-line Services capability to deploy peer-to-peer protocol detection.
Straus, easily identified for almost always wearing a black beret, was appointed CEO in May 2000 following stints as president and COO since the merger of Uniphase Corp with JDS Fitel, a company Straus founded in 1981.
The divested property contains some 21,000 square metres of production and administration facilities on a long-term lease to OFS Fitel Denmark I/S.
Fitel USA will be a holding company and wholly owned subsidiary of Furukawa.
Accordingly, feverish activity in optical networking spurred large-scale consolidation in the heart of the industry - optical components - as seen by the "merger of equals" involving JDS Fitel and Uniphase, valued at $3.
Industrial Products led in both activity -- 395 announced transactions, a 32% increase over 299 in 1998 -- and dollar volume -- $55 billion, a 112% increase over $26 billion, led by the Alcan/ Pechiney/Alusuisse and Uniphase/ JDS Fitel mergers and Nortel's acquisition of Qtera.
Companies mentioned include Lucent (LU), Alcatel (ALA), Ercisson (ERICY), Pirelli, Nortel (NT), Fujitsu, CIENA (CIEN), Sp rint (FON), WorldCom (WCOM), Tellabs (TLAB), Uniphase (UNPH), JDS Fitel (JDS.
Existen otros pliegos e instancias, como Minam, Fitel, Provias, Agua para todos, Plan de Electrificacion, etc.
Led by the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), this collaborative project brings together the expertise of leading industrial and academic organisations across Europe: Phoenix Photonics Ltd, ESPCI ParisTech, OFS Fitel Denmark APS, the COBRA Institute at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eblana Photonics Ltd, Nokia Siemens Networks GMBH and Co.
Notable clients include: High Power Devices, Schaffner EMC, Nistica, PTC Therapeutics, Agere/LSI, OFS Fitel, Conti Enterprises, and inVentive Health.