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FOCFull Operational Capability (DoD acquisition term to depict when a specific activity reaches maturity)
FOCFree Of Charge
FOCFriend of the Court
FOCField Oriented Control
FOCFlag of Convenience
FOCFull and Open Competition
FOCFiber Optic Cable
FOCFlight of the Conchords (TV series)
FOCFactory Outlet Center
FOCFree of Cost
FOCFaint Object Camera (Hubble Telescope)
FOCFreedom of Choice
FOCFirm Order Confirmation
FOCFisheries and Oceans Canada
FOCFront of Center (archery)
FOCFirst Order Condition (mathematics)
FOCFerrari Owners Club
FOCFinal Operational Capability
FOCFiber Optic Communications
FOCFirm Order Commitment
FOCFamily of Companies
FOCFlight Operation Center
FOCFiber Optic Connector
FOCFlight Operations Center
FOCFold Out Cover (vinyl record feature)
FOCFirst Of Class
FOCForward of Center (archery)
FOCFight of Characters (Warcraft III; computer game)
FOCFollow-On Contract
FOCField Operations Center
FOCFriends of Carlotta (from movie 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid')
FOCFEMA Operations Center
FOCFiber Optic Component
FOCFear Of Commitment
FOCFestival of Cricket
FOCFather of Child
FOCForward Only Conversion (radio control cars)
FOCFuture Operational Capability
FOCFather of Chapel (senior trades union official SOGAT & NGA)
FOCFederation Orientation Committee (University of Waterloo, California)
FOCForce of Contraction
FOCFuzhou City (China)
FOCFriends of Christ
FOCFollower of Christ
FOCFace of Curb
FOCFrontal-Occipital Circumference
FOCFell Off Chair
FOCForce Organization Chart (gaming)
FOCFirst Class CW Operator's Club (UK)
FOCFlux Cutting (welding)
FOCFull Operational Clearance
FOCFact or Crap
FOCFriends of Colombia (Peace Corps alumni)
FOCFlat Over Crest (Rally Car Racing)
FOCFirst Office Call (medical appointment)
FOCFORSCOM Operations Center
FOCFinancial Operations Center
FOCFacility Operations Center
FOCFuture Operating Capability
FOCFall Off Chair
FOCFall Out of Chair
FOCFarthest-On Circle
FOCFleet Operations Center
FOCFestival of Celebration
FOCFactor of Cooperation
FOCFlight Operations Committee (IATA)
FOCFactory of Champions (San Antonio, TX)
FOCForeign Object Check
FOCFear Of Controlling (air traffic control)
FOCFurthest-On Circle
FOCFriends of Cry
FOCFacilities Operations Committee
FOCFull Of Choice (Malacca, Malaysia shop)
FOCFiber Optical Characterization
FOCFiring Officer Console
FOCForeign Operating Companies
FOCFin Opener Crank (missile assembly tool)
FOCFundamental Orders of Connecticut
FOCFuture Operations Cell
FOCFlash-on-Camera (photography)
FOCFriends of the Carpenters (non-profit ministry)
FOCFoundation for Orphaned Children (Kenya)
FOCFree Organic Carbon
FOCFill or Cancel
FOCFresh Out Crew
FOCFlorentine Opera Company (MIlwaukee, WI)
FOCForeign Oil Company
FOCFellowship of Christians (various organizations)
FOCFaculty of Commerce (various locations)
FOCFederal Office of Culture (Switzerland)