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FLETAFederal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation
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The dissent began with the proposition that examining the customs of those actually engaged in the activity is preferable to "poring over" the writings of "Justinian, Fleta, Bracton, Ptffendorf, Locke, Barbeyrac, or Blackstone.
In "Guardian Angel," Latimer's final depiction of her relationship with Gale, the young woman Vanessa successfully breaks away from the sexual and emotional restraints of her mentor Fleta Bain.
Some authors refer to a passage from Fleta - a treatise on English law compiled in ca.
This independent accreditation initiative is known as FLETA.
Dawson-Savage - Fleta Dawson-Savage and Darrious Savage, of Eugene, a son.
As late as 1975, an actor performing roles such as Fleta in Iolanthe or Go-To in The Mikado "attracted the paltry sum of 75 pence" (p.