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FLOFairtrade Labelling Organizations International (Bonn, Germany)
FLOForward Link Only (Qualcomm)
FLOFork Lift Operator (various companies)
FLOFor Lovers Only
FLOFuture Light Orphanage
FLOFamily Learning Organization
FLOForsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon (Norwegian Defense Logistics organization)
FLOFlorence, SC, USA - Gilbert Field (Airport Code)
FLOFuture Like Ours
floFisheries Liaison Officer (Canada)
FLOFighter Liaison Officer
FLOFrench Liaison Officer
FLOFinancial Liability Officer
FLOField Level Organization
FLOFederal Liaison Officer (Alaska, federal disaster response)
FLOFaction Liaison Officer
FLOForeign Liaison Office/Officer
FLOFamily Liaison Office/Officer
FLOFleet Liaison Office (US DoD)
FLOFail Locked Open
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The charity network and Flo Rida are kicking off their partnership with three dream packages :
On any given day, FLO answers questions or provides referrals on topics such as support for unaccompanied tours, evacuations and allowances, education and youth services, family member employment and expeditious naturalization of foreign-born spouses.
Birthday girl Flo was today celebrating after reaching the age of 110.
The industry acumen and depth of technology experience offered by these companies will enable the FLO Forum to develop common industry practices thus smoothing the adoption and deployment of FLO technology," said Rich Sulpizio, president of MediaFLO USA, Incorporated.
On Saturday at Rugby Park, the pounds 12million Flo scratched his butt on the bench, hoping that Alex McLeish would give him the nod.
Bolton have also enquired about a season- long loan deal but Rangers want to offload Flo permanently.
Having endured a torrid time in his debut season at Ibrox, Flo plans to get away from the mental and physical pressures to relax during his summer break.
Flo last night finally triumphed in his battle against the Norwegian football authorities to protect his commercial rights.
Although Flo had huge bones compared with her compatriots, she weighed slightly less than a smaller but stockier male known as Charlie.
FLO had been asked to join a broader initiative to internally brand State Department programs just when it wanted a fresh look for its 30th anniversary.
Flo was raised in Darlington and worked in the family grocery business, which had a licence to serve beer.