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FPNFountain Pen Network (forum)
FPNFixed Pattern Noise (variation of the pixel response at one moment of an image sensor in the dark)
FPNFixed Penalty Notice (UK law enforcement)
FPNFine Print Note
FPNFundación Patagonia Natural
FPNFifty-Plus.net International Inc (stock symbol)
FPNFloating Point Number
FPNFundacion de Parques Nacionales (Spanish: National Parks Foundation)
FPNFinal Physical Notification (UK)
FPNFederation of Pharmacy Networks
FPNFord Parenting Network
FPNFederal Part Number
FPNFixed Pulse Radar Navigation Aid
FPNFederal Pollution Number
FPNFloating Participating Note
FPNFamily Practice Network
FPNFinancial Privacy Now (Consumers Union campaign)
FPNFeminist Peace Network
FPNFind Professionals Now (St. Paul, MN)