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FGFréquence Gaie (French: Gay Frequency; radio station)
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By using two floating gates, the device can store a bit in a nonvolatile mode, and/or it can store a bit in a fast, volatile mode - like the normal main memory on your computer.
Erasing the floating gate involves connecting the drain diffusion to ground, and applying the positive voltage to the source, thereby causing band-to-band tunneling (BBT) generation of holes and their injection into the FG.
The charge is stored on isolated nanocrystals and is lost only from those few nanocrystals that align with detects in the tunnel oxide--while the same defects in a conventional floating gate device would result in significant charge (and thus data) loss.
For a number of reasons including the degree of floating gate-to-source or gate-to-drain overlap, the timing of the programming process, and the exact nature of the tunneling oxide layer, the oxide degrades because of the floating gate charging/discharging process, limiting the life of the device.
Charge is stored on floating gates, and heat coupled with a loss of charge can cause a "bit-flip.
Compared to competing single-bit-per-cell floating gate technologies with equivalent process structures TwinFlash offers 40% smaller die sizes due to its two-bit-per-cell approach and less mask levels resulting in a competitive production cost position.
The gate design, brainchild of his engineer father Sir Marc Brunel, was a single floating gate, facing the heavy Bristol Channel tides - a decision many questioned.
Harari co-invented System-Flash and invented the floating gate EEPROM, a significant innovation that enabled data storage in flash memory.
Since SSDs use flash memory which use floating gate transistors to store data instead of using the magnetic way used by traditional hard disk drives, SSDs don't get affected by magnetism through regular magnets.
The contributors propose a fast algorithm for the chirp rate estimation, a bi-directional gate using pseudo floating gate, a visual notation for processor and resource scheduling, and improved policies for drowsy caches in embedded processors.
It's easy to see that measurement accuracy will degrade above 20 MHz or 30 MHz should a large common-mode signal exist as, for example, in a power supply's floating gate drive circuit.