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FLORfirst line of response
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Caption: Elvis & Kresse's caramel leather rug for Flor, the company's first leather product.
It deals with an initiative that emerged from the Brazilian companies that operate in Equatorial Guinea, along with the school Beija Flor.
With exquisite views of the river and the sea beyond, Flor do Mar is a wonderful place to host a party and watch the sun go down as you sip on a refreshing cocktail.
Flor de Cana's sleek new look emphasizes the rum's heritage, age and traditional craftsmanship," said Paul Caffrey, Global Brand Development Manager of Flor de Cana.
The EU Council appointed Patricia Flor the Special Representative for Central Asia in June 2012.
So Jamous entered talks with Flor about franchising the gelato shop in Beirut.
Most Nicaraguans still prefer to mix Flor de Carla with just regular soda, and attempts to turn the Macua into a tourist icon have a way to go.
Fortification is necessary because the flor grows fastest between 14.
But when the mum of one decided to holiday in South America earlier this year she knew the opportunity to meet Flor was too good to miss and she determined to travel to the remote village near Cusco to meet the youngster and her family.
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle dispatched Central Asia Envoy Patricia Flor to Kyrgyzstan in the backdrop of escalating political and security tension there, it was announced here Wednesday.
Nonenzymatic chloramphenicol resistance mediated by IncC plasmid R55 is encoded by a floR gene variant.
A oposicao entre o explorador e Pequena Flor, nome que o explorador frances da a menor mulher do mundo, e evidente no conto.