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FVLFuture Vertical Lift (US DoD)
FVLFirst Trust Value Line (fund)
FVLFundacion Valle del Lili (Colombian hospital)
FVLFox Valley Lutheran High School
FVLFlow-Volume Loop
FVLFonds de Vie Lycéenne (French: School Life Funds)
FVLFinnish Virtual Library
FVLFrance Voile Loisirs (French: France Sailing Interests)
FVLFull Variability Language
FVLFuel Valve Light
FVLFemoral Vein Ligation
FVLFlorida Voters League, Inc.
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This allows the recording of inspiration and expiration, and generation of flow-volume loops (on a flow-type spirometer).
The flow-volume loop test includes measuring the FEV1, which is the volume of air that can be forced out in one second after taking a deep breath.
Flow-volume loop showed a flattening of the inspiratory and expiratory phase compatible with a fixed extrathoracic obstruction.
The helium iso-flow study involves having the patient perform a flow-volume loop while breathing room air.