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Excluded were articles and research reports focused on learning strategies in fields other than nursing education, access to web sites or learning programs focused on topics not related to fluids and electrolytes, and passive learning strategies.
Stability of fluids and electrolytes are important parameters for physiological and biochemical activities in a normal person.
Many Canadian pediatric centres have recognized hospitalacquired hyponatremia as an important issue that merits attention and have revised, or are in the process of revising their practice guidelines and management of fluids and electrolytes accordingly (BC Children's Hospital, 2008a; BC Children's Hospital, 2008b; Hospital for Sick Children, 2007; Hurdowar et al.
Fluids and electrolytes are vital for the body's function both metabolically and cellularly, with potassium being key to the conduction of nervous impulses, homeostasis and acid-base balance to name but a few of its many roles.
It provides a concise review of the basics of fluids and electrolytes, disorders related to fluid and electrolyte problems, and treatment of those problems.
Just the Facts: Fluids and Electrolytes contains a lot of useful information, especially for the new graduate.