FOFAFollow-On Forces Attack
FOFAFind One Find All
FOFAFriends of the Fine Arts (American School in Japan; Tokyo, Japan)
FOFAFee-Only Financial Advisor
FOFAFocus on the Family Action, Inc.
FOFAFlow of Funds Account (US Federal Reserve Board)
FOFAFukuoka-Oakland Friendship Association (Japan)
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Prior to the FOFA reforms, representatives were paid on a commission-only basis.
Os resultados do presente estudo, demonstram que 38% das atletas associaram o aspecto visual de suas fezes com a categoria 3 da escala (formato de linguica com rachaduras na superficie) e apenas 4% referiram fezes tipo 6 (massa pastosa e fofa com bordas irregulares).
But AirLand battle became doctrine in the us armed forces, and FOFA became the operational concept for NATO.
For example, the video installation Resonant Architecture, realized by Nicolas Maigret, Jeremy Gravayat, and Nicolas Montgermont and shown at the FOFA Gallery at Concordia University, assembled a sumptuous videographic archive of ambitious sound architecture projects, set in both industrial and urban landscapes, that referred to the architectural and sculptural underpinnings of sound art's inception.
Independent actuaries, Rice Warner, have estimated the FOFA reforms would result in more than $140 billion extra in the private savings of Australians across a 20-year period.
Para Duarte (2003), o Beach Soccer encanta o publico pela grande habilidade de seus praticantes, principalmente dos atletas brasileiros, o piso oficial, de areia fofa, faz com que a melhor estrategia seja o jogo aereo proporcionando assim, lances espetaculares como bicicleta e voleios.
Despite protective measures provided under this rule, which are expected to encourage wartime rape victims to speak out, they are occasionally circumvented by defense lawyers, as happened during the famous Fofa Trial.
Carne arrugada y fofa solo puede ser follada por el pellejo de una bestia.
I'm at ba can fofa at TOP TREBLE stated I are the at home to have to kick off side who will majority of accers who can't are at home to the treble at home to a leaking goals.
The FOFA and NIPA concepts of savings actually differ in that the former includes net expenditures in consumer durables while the latter does not.
Nesse sentido, um dos recursos mais usuais para essa analise e a chamada Matriz SWOT--forcas (Strengths), fraquezas (Weaknesses), oportunidades (Opportunities), ameacas (Threats), ou em sua traducao FOFA, relacionando em ordem diferente os mesmos significados.
Levantamento dos generos, flutuacao das colonias e habitos de nidificacao de vespas sociais (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) no Campus da UFJF, Juiz de Fofa, MG.