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FOGOFace Off Get Off (Lacrosse)
FOGOFlag Officer/General Officer
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I partly surmise also, that this wicked charge against whalers may be likewise imputed to the existence on the coast of Greenland, in former times, of a Dutch village called Schmerenburgh or Smeerenberg, which latter name is the one used by the learned Fogo Von Slack, in his great work on Smells, a textbook on that subject.
Crisparkle recognised (in a suit of black) the counterpart of a deceased benefactor of his species, an eminent public character, once known to fame as Frosty- faced Fogo, who in days of yore superintended the formation of the magic circle with the ropes and stakes.
Mr Fogo said the problem was that the bakery had become "too big" and it was no longer viable for the operation in Hirwaun to continue.
15-type intervention services for power generation companies Fogo,
In addition to NCR Aloha POS software, Fogo de Chao is using NCR Insight and NCR Configuration Center s above-store capabilities, allowing the chain to improve operational efficiency at the store-level in their Brazilian locations.
The FIM Fogo British Speedway Grand Prix kicks off at 6pm with riders reaching speeds of up to 70mph - competing on 500cc bikes, with no brakes and acceleration that is faster than a Formula 1 car.
Newfoundland and Fogo Island -- Guests have the opportunity to discover the beauty and unique nature of Newfoundland on this five-day getaway.
Launched earlier this year by Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania on 27 March 2015, the vessel will start services from Fogo Island and Change Islands before the end of November.
Little Joe and Norm are native to a place called Fogo Island.
Connecting service is also available to the Cape Verdean islands of Fogo, Sao Vincente, Sal and Boa Vista.
Sotavento in the south consists of Sao Tiago (992sq km), Fogo (477sq km), Maio (267sq km), and Brava (65sq km).
All 10 islands are different - Boa Vista is renowned for its beaches, Fogo for its fruit, vineyards and coffee growing on verdant volcanic soil and Santiago for its mountainous valleys.