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FOHRFriends of Happy Retreat (Charles Town, WV)
FOHRFriends of Haw Ridge
FOHRFinance, Operations, Human Resources
FOHRFixed Overhead Rate
FOHRFriends of the Holyoke Range (Massachusetts)
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5) For detailed information about satis as wives or nuns, about chastity-producing power, and about nuns' interpretations of the sat y-narratives as relevant to their own lives as renouncers, see Sherry Fohr, "Gender and Chastity: Female Jain Reouncers" (Ph.
Women and Children Overlooking Heidelberg'' by Carl-Philipp Fohr is a watercolor painted in the early 19th century.
Schaer Stammer, Hans Gustav 04/02/1943 Schell, Edwig Wilde de 10/23/1942 Scherer Becktel, Stephan 04/02/1943 Schirsishassi, Hikokuma Deportado Schmeckies, Walter 01/20/1943 Schmidth, Karl Friederick Herman 04/02/1943 Schneider Fohr, Walter Ferdinand 04/02/1943 Schneider, Wilfred 10/23/1942 Schneider, Paula de 10/23/1942 Schneider, Wolfang 10/23/1942 Schoenfeld, Joaquin Peter 04/02/1943 Schoer, Gertude Parie de 01/20/1943 Scholtz Hatling, Albert 01/20/1943 Schosinsky Guenther, Wolfgang 04/02/1943 Schrawm Wober, Johan George 04/02/1943 Schreiber Winodgradoff, Enrique 04/02/1943 Schreiber, Anna Osvald de 01/05/1943 Schroeder, Richard y Sra.
De la embajada, lo acompanan Alain Fohr, consejero cultural, cientifico y de cooperacion, y Olivier Bove, jefe de servicio de prensa y comunicacion.
Ademas, el argelino Fohr muestra un dossier que enlista 34 proyectos conjuntos a presentarse este ano en Mexico y que veran un millon de personas.
To use Bill Clinton's terminology, Will Sutton is an FOHR, a friend of human resources, which has not always been the case in newsrooms," vanRyswyk said.
120) and Philipp Fohr did portrait drawings of him (Schnorr's the kind of superbly severe head-and-shoulders likeness in which the brotherhood excelled), and Carl Friedrich von Rumohr, ever interested in young men, lent him money.