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FPEFonction Publique d'État (French: State Public Function)
FPEFire Protection Engineering
FPEThe Few, the Proud, the Emotional (Twenty One Pilots slogan)
FPEFloating Point Exception (a computer math error)
FPEFormat-Preserving Encryption
FPEFront Page Extension
FPEFloating Point Exception
FPEFree Primary Education (Africa)
FPEFire Protection Engineer
FPEFood Processing Equipment
FPEFluid Power Equipment (various locations)
FPEFinal Prediction Error
FPEFédération Patronale et Économique (French: Employers and Economic Federation; Switzerland)
FPEFoundation for the Philippine Environment (est. 1992)
FPEFew, Proud, Emotional (Twenty-One Pilots)
FPEFactor Price Equalization (economics)
FPEFédération Polynésienne d'Equitation (French: Polynesian Equestrian Federation; Tahiti, French Polynesia)
FPEFokker-Planck Equation
FPEFoot-Pounds of Energy
FPEFantastic Plastic Elastic (chair by Ron Arad)
FPEFacility Performance Evaluation (architecture)
FPEFleischmann Pons Effect
FPEForest Policy and Economics
FPEFloating Point Emulator
FPEFrance Production Électronique (French: Electronic Production France)
FPEField Project Engineer (various companies)
FPEFrontPage Server Extensions (Microsoft)
FPEFederal Pacific Electric Company
FPEFederation of Public Employees
FPEFunctional Program Element (US NASA)
FPEFree People of Earth
FPEFinancial Practice and Education (journal)
FPEFloating Point Engine
FPEFactions Preview Event (gaming)
FPEFocal Plane Electronics
FPEFermented Plant Extract
FPEFonds Perpétuel d'Etudes (EFrench: Perpetual Education Fund)
FPEFunction Point Estimate (software estimation)
FPEFirst Person Editor
FPEFrench Postural Experiment
FPEFront-end Processing Environment
FPEForce Protection Experiment
FPEFixed-Price Escalation (Contract)
FPEFaith Promoting Experience
FPEFractal Patch Element
FPEFlight Parameter Estimation
FPEFirst Priority Enterprise
FPEFunctional Performance Element
FPEFairport, Painesville, & Eastern Railway Company
FPEFixed Price Exhibit (Montclair State University; Montclair, NJ)
FPEFixed Price Engagement
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A prerequisite for the application of the Fokker-Planck equation is the demonstration that the studied system is memory-free and represents a Markow process (Risken, 2012), which can be achieved using the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation and [X.
20) solved the Fokker-Planck equation on a hemisphere with the spherical symmetry condition [psi]([empty set], [theta]) = [psi]([empty set], [theta] + [pi]) and [psi]([empty set], [theta]) = [psi]([empty set], + [pi], [pi] - [theta]).
Deriving fractional Fokker-Planck equations from a generalised master equation.
Calculating steady-states for a Fokker-Planck equation.
Su N (2004) Generalisation of various hydrological and environmental transport models using the Fokker-Planck equation.
In Section 4, Galerkin method is used to get transient response of system by way of solving associated Fokker-Planck equation.
s], when taking into account the collisions between all species, is described by the Fokker-Planck equation
0] = D[nabla] ln[rho](see [1]), which is a Fokker-Planck equation.
Equation 20 is a second-order partial differential equation, often referred to as a Fokker-Planck equation.