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Within that carrier bag there was a folded shirt and within the shirt was a second hand gun," he added.
For example, you can see a folded shirt with a tie that sort of looks like a face with a tongue out.
The next day, her pink bag was found containing a folded shirt and a pair of pants.
Then, in the exhibition space proper, were two stacked garbage cans (also in unpainted plaster) covered by a sheet of plywood on which lay the folded shirt of a priest and a newspaper clipping showing a female delegate to the Republican Convention mocking the Purple Heart awarded John Kerry.
Nearly 50% of the products are flat (for example, a folded shirt in a polybag); about 25% are packed in cartons that will be shipped to the stores without being unpacked; and another 25% are on hangers.
The fact that an elaborately folded shirt can today pass as a comment on architecture, so long as an architect says it is, only serves to confirm the master's reach.
Customizable unit of storage drawers are perfect for folded shirts and sweaters that don't need hanging.
There wasn't much in the suitcase: underwear, socks, a few ironed, neatly folded shirts for my readings, and a pair of my father's shoes.
Place each pair of slacks on top of the suit bags, then continue adding other garments such as folded shirts and shorts until this larger section is packed.
She pulled two neatly folded shirts out of her apron.