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FONDAFirst-Order Non-Degenerate Adiabatic
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On Monday, Kelly slammed Fonda for saying that she is not a good interviewer because Kelly grilled the "Grace and Frankie" star about her plastic surgery during their interview in September.
Fonda said surgeons suspected the growth was a basal cell carcinoma, the most common skin cancer.
Fonda, who will be seen in the comedy film Book Club next year, said: "I'm thankful I've gotten better over the 80 years.
Fonda's mother committed suicide when she was 12 years old and the same year her actor father, Henry Fonda, remarried.
Fonda also reflected on her 1968 film Barbarella, directed by her ex-husband Roger Vadim: "He was directing the movie, our marriage was falling apart and it was not an easy movie to make.
Oh, Jane Fonda, she was great, but how old is she now?
Anne will be hoping for a warmer welcome Anne will be hoping for a warmer welcome than the one Fonda got in Connecticu t in 1988.
Michael Douglas, who presented the award to the 76-year-old actress, said that, Fonda was a true film royalty, not through birth, but through her talent.
Anyone can take a pill," Fonda purrs, "but only a pharmacist knows how to make one.
That's the gist of this service comedy-drama, based on a Broadway production in which Fonda played Roberts to great acclaim starting in 1948.
Though nine biographies on Fonda have already been published, journalist-biographer Patricia Bosworth is the first woman to publish one, and her 2011 book is even more unique because many of the stories found on its pages have never before been shared with the public.