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FT LBFoot Pound
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It delivers 2,000 foot pounds of rotational torque and 16,000 pounds of pullback.
1 gpi)--averaged for weight--with 100-grain tip, shot at 260 fps, produces about 50 to 60 foot pounds of energy.
8 horsepower 5,000 pounds 550 foot pounds JT9 66 horsepower 9,000 pounds 1,100 foot pounds J20 74 horsepower 20,000 pounds 2,200 foot pounds JT25 130 horsepower 27,000 pounds 4,000 foot pounds JT30 160 horsepower 30,000 pounds 4,000 foot pounds JT60 190 horsepower 60,000 pounds 9,000 foot pounds JT100 268 horsepower 100,000 pounds 12,000 foot pounds All Terrain Models JT30 AT 160 horsepower 30,000 pounds 800 foot pounds on inner spindle JT60 AT 190 horsepower 60,000 pounds Max.
The ESW-M is designed to operate on 20 gpm hydraulic flow from the excavator to produce up to 60,000 foot pounds of breakout torque, 45,000 foot pounds of make-up torque, and 2,000 foot pounds torque spinner.
The compound shoots a faster arrow with more foot pounds of energy, but a bull elk hit right with a big-game bow is in the bag every time in spite of pitiful (by comparison) arrow-striking.
Equipment used was one model D6 with 6,000 pounds of pullback and 900 foot pounds of rotary torque; one D16x20 (16,000 pounds of pullback, 2,000 foot pounds of rotary torque); two D24x40 models (23,800 pounds of pullback, 4,000 foot pounds of torque); one D50xl00 (50,000 pounds pullback, 10,000 foot pounds of torque), and one D80x 100 (80,000 pounds pullback, 12,000 pounds of torque).
Tulsa Trenchless currently offers the TR-7, with 7,200 pounds of thrust/pullback, 1,250 foot pounds of rotary torque, an on-board 66-gallon tank capacity and 8 gpm mud flow; the TR-14 with 14,000 pounds of thrust/pullback, 1,600 foot pounds of rotary torque; and a soon-to-be-available TR28 with 30,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 5,000 foot pounds of rotary torque.
With nearly 4,200 foot pounds of torque, the 240 has a rated operating load of 1,500 pounds, a dump height of more than seven feet and a 29-inch reach.