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ForTIAFormal Techniques Industrial Association
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Fortia told reporters after the meeting in Paris: "With a little bit of help, we will be in Tripoli very soon.
Very soon means days," Fortia told reporters after the meeting.
It started that day with snipers who randomly shot people coming into the Polyclinic," Fortia said.
ForTia Atchison, marketing director at Ulmer & Berne LLP, her role of "counselor" to the attorneys and staff has become even more important.
25-26): "arma ministrat / fortia vel Nemesis vel mentis conscia virtus.
Historically, perhaps the most significant contribution to French wine production to emerge from the Cotes du Rhone is the work done by Baron LeRoy of Chateau Fortia on quality control laws.
Ainda e a necessidade de encontrar rimas em -a que levou o poeta a escolher fortia ao inves de fortitudo.
Over in Harborne, Elegusto stocks Chateau Fortia 2001, for pounds 19.
Laurie Blunk from Rancho Cucamonga finally found Terry Fortia.
It is to pursue obedience; it is to stretch out our hands and grasp fortia, virile things, difficult things, courage, steadfastness, moral vigor.
Ferguson has little problem in establishing his text: there has been only one printed edition, that put together by Anne's fellow Sister Marie de Fortia, in 1605, and dedicated to Madame de Fresnes, and there are no manuscripts.