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FDOFront Desk Officer (various companies)
FDOFlight Deck Officer
FDOFeedback Directed Optimization
FDOFeature Data Object
FDOFoundation Directory Online (Foundation Center)
FDOFire Direction Officer
FDOFreshman Dean's Office (Harvard University)
FDOFunctional Device Object
FDOFlight Dynamics Officer
FDOFrance Danse Organisation (France)
FDOFlexible Deterrent Options
FDOForeningen Danske Olieberedskabslagre
FDOForecast Duty Officer (US Navy)
FDOFuture Dark Overlord (Scott Sigler)
FDOFlight Duty Officer
FDOFront Door Organics (Canada)
FDOFor Declaration Only
FDOFee Determining/ation Official
FDOForeign Disclosure Office/Officer
FDOFor Deposit Only
FDOForce Deterrent Option
FDOFault Distribution Officer
FDOFocused Development Opportunities
FDOFemoral Derotational Osteotomy
FDOFailed During Operation
FDOFactory Direct Ordering (Advance Auto Parts)
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Upon receiving the report, that the Sailor had failed to report for muster and that a search and rescue effort (SAR) was underway, the assistant forecast duty officer collected accurate observed winds, seas and current measurements for the forecast duty officer, who put this information, along with the ship's previous course and speed, into the environmental models and decision aid tools, WEBSAR and Geophysics Fleet Mission Program Library (GFMPL).