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FCYForeign Currency
FCYFootball Club Yonnais (Yonnais Football Club; Yonnais, France)
FCYFootball Club Yffiniacais (French football club)
FCYFull Course Yellow (automobile racing)
FCYForsyth County YMCA (Cumming, GA)
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The decree further said that "export by individuals of cash foreign currency outside the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out without any permits within the amount equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of $5,000".
The remaining 13 rated issuers have either no debt denominated in foreign currency maturing in the 18-month period between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2015 or no debt denominated in foreign currency at all in their total outstanding debt.
At the same time, their A3 foreign currency issuer, senior unsecured debt ratings and (P)A3 program ratings are positioned at the same level as Malaysia's sovereign rating.
Currently, the starting trading amount of each currency is 10 units of each foreign currency, and the minimum increment is 1 unit of each foreign currency.
1256 special timing rule, a taxpayer must determine taxable income or expense in respect of any foreign currency contract annually on a mark-to-market basis (i.
Moreover, although the 2006 proposed regulations still require a taxpayer to recognize section 987 foreign currency gain or loss only as remittances are made, unrecognized foreign currency gain or loss is recognized only in the same proportion as the remittance bears to all of the assets of the Section 987 QBU.
Accepting the JCB international brand card for payment is another important step in meeting the foreign currency needs of Japanese consumers", said Mr.
According to the prosecutor, the National Futures Association audited Midland Euro in October 2001, then barred it doing business in commodities and foreign currency exchange.
Methods of assessing and forecasting foreign currency risk.
The net position in a single foreign currency is defined as holdings of balances in that currency, plus outstanding contracts for future receipt, minus outstanding contracts for future delivery of that currency, i.
Cross-hedging foreign currency exposures is another area of inconsistency.
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