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FOPFraternal Order of Police
FOPFundamentals of Planning (course)
FOPField of Play
FOPFederal Operating Permit (various locations)
FOPFibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
FOPFactors of Production
FOPFrequently Occurring Problem
FOPFormatting Objects Processing
FOPFormatting Object Parser
FOPFred. Olsen Production (Norway)
FOPFugitive Operations Program (est. 2003; US DHS)
FOPFlash Operator Panel
FOPFlowery Orange Pekoe
FOPFramework of Partnership (various organizations)
FOPFairly Oddparents (cartoon)
FOPFront of Pack (food labeling)
FOPFirst-Order Perturbation (nuclear energy)
FOPForm of Payment
FOPFree Of Payment
FOPFollow on Production (US NASA)
FOPFormatting Object Processor
FOPFeature Oriented Programming
FOPFibrodisplasia Osificante Progresiva (Spanish: Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva)
FOPFriends of Police
FOPFédération Française des Producteurs d'Oléagineux et de Protéagineux (French)
FOPFlight Operations Plan
FOPFresh Off the Plane
FOPFederation of Planets (Star Trek)
FOPForward Observation Post
FOPFinancial Operating Plan
FOPFull Order of Protection (law; various locations)
FOPFinished Open Porch (building code)
FOPFunction Operation
FOPFrank O. Pinion (St. Louis radio personality)
FOPField Operating Procedure
FOPFormatting-Object Parser
FOPForecast Of Procurement
FOPOptical Fibre Plate
FOPFountains of Paradise (Arthur C. Clarke novel)
FOPFactory Order Processing
FOPFriends of Plaid
FOPFibre Optic Patch
FOPFound on Post (US DoD)
FOPFurthest-On Point
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Ralph Kaiser, President and CEO, UATP, said, "Adding UATP acceptance also allows Spirit Airlines to tap into UATP's alternative form of payment infrastructure to offer additional popular payment options.
57 percent of respondents refrain from carrying any form of payment while exercising because theyre worried about losing it or have no place to put it.
The PM of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc has authorised a plan to officially recognise bitcoin as a form of payment.
UATP accounts are an accepted form of payment for corporate business travel worldwide from a number of airlines, travel agencies and Amtrak.
Subsequent deferral elections are changes made to the time and form of payment under a deferred compensation plan after the initial election.
In general, the plan may allow participants to elect to delay payment or change the form of payment if the following conditions are satisfied: (a) the election change cannot be effective until at least 12 months after the date on which the new election is made; (b) the payment must be deferred for a period of at least five years from the date that the payment would otherwise have been made (but this requirement does not apply with respect to elections relating to distributions on account of death, disability, or unforeseeable emergency); and (c) if the participant changes his election relating to a payment to be made at a specified time (or pursuant to a fixed schedule), the election must be made at least 12 months before the date of the first scheduled payment.
All told, 46% of the 230 adult shoppers polled listed checks as their most frequent form of payment for nongrocery purchases over $25.
Apart from the physical restrictions that make cash payments practical only for small-value transactions, much may be learned from the principles embodied in the use of this form of payment.
UATP is accepted as a form of payment for corporate business travel worldwide by airlines, travel agencies and Amtrak.
Therefore the court was able to disregard the form of payment as meaningless.
The itinerary and receipt contained the employee's name, date of issue, issuing agency or airline, ticket number, flight itinerary (including airline, flight number and flight information) and fare and payment information (including amount, tax, form of payment, credit card, etc.
An issue that arises in connection with deferred compensation arrangements is whether the plan may permit the employee to elect at a subsequent date the form of payment at retirement.