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FTFinancial Times
FTFull Time
FTFor Trade
FTFree Throw (basketball)
FTForest Hills
FTField Trip
FTFront Tire
FTFirst Things (Journal by the Institute on Religion and Public Life)
FTFast Track (instant picture of premium/loss information in the casualty industry)
FTFamily Tree
FTFile Transfer
FTFrance Telecom
FTFoundation Trust (National Health Service; UK)
FTField Test
FTFairy Tale
FTField Training (AFROTC)
FTFashion Television
FTFaceTime (Apple, Inc.)
FTFour Tops (band)
FTFull Throttle (game)
FTForint (Hungarian currency)
FTFamily Therapy
FTFederal Trade Commission
FTFun Time
FTFrente (Portuguese: front; postal usage)
FTFaith Tabernacle (various locations)
FTFunds Transfer
FTFeeding Tube
FTFlyerTalk (travel)
FTFourier Transform
FTFoxtrot (comic)
FTFund Type
FTFull Term
FTFormal Training
FTFault Tolerant
FTFailed in Theory (examination marking)
FTFirm Transportation (high priority transportation service)
FTFinancial Technology
FTFarm Truck (license plate)
FTFrozen Throne (Warcraft III Expansion, gaming)
FTFuerza de Tarea (Spanish: Task Force)
FTFast Twitch (muscle fiber type)
FTFunctional Test
FTFortean Times (magazine)
FTForeign Talent
FTFun Trivia (website)
FTFishing Trawler
FTFault Tree
FTFilosofian Tohtori (Finnish: Doctor of Philosophy)
FTFlow Transmitter (industrial control description)
FTFluticasone Propionate
FTFrame Transfer (CCD image device)
FTFraction of Time
FTFile Transport
FTFrozen-Thawed (herpetoculture)
FTFixed Target
FTFire Control Technician
FTFallout Tactics (video game)
FTFiring Tables
FTFlight Termination
FTFacility Technician
FTFire Treated (lumber saturated with a fire retardant)
FTFast Transition (802.11)
FTFunctional Type
FTFirst Telecast
FTFixed Terminal
FTFlickr Today (website)
FTTerminal Forecast (aviation weather prediction)
FTFunding Team
FTFluid Time (Alleria, online roleplaying game)
FTForward Trading
FTFlowing Tears (band)
FTFuture Tank
FTFametracker (website)
FTForce Terminal
FTFowl Typhoid (septicaemic disease)
FTFluid Thioglycollate
FTFellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement (Association for Death Education and Counseling)
FTFootie Threads (football forum)
FTFalls Taxi (Black River Falls, WI)
FT(USN Rating) Fire Control Technician
FTFixed Radio Terminal
FTFallots Tetralogy (medical)
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The X File activity is only to be expected in a village dubbed a paranormal hub by Fortean Times, no less.
After graduating with a BA in journalism from Southampton Solent University he worked extensively in the freelance market, contributing to numerous international publications including Fortean Times, Chat, It's Fate
Gail, who also contributes to the Fortean Times, the magazine of strange phenomena, says: "The postcard offers an ideal snapshot of weirdness, a corner-of-the-eye take on things that exist on the edge of what is sensible, rational and sometimes tasteful.
Steven, 31, explains: "I've been interested in the paranormal since childhood and started reading Fortean Times (which he is now a regular contributor to) when I was 10 or 11.
And now the colourful Fortean Times presenter, from Cardiff, is set to address a cultural debate about his findings.
Redfern is a familiar face on the History Channel's "Monster Quest" and "UFO Hunters"; the National Geographic Channel's "Paranatural", and the Syfy Channel's "Proof Positive" and writes for UFO Magazine, Fate, Fortean Times, and Paranormal Magazine.
I've been a fan of his cartoon strips in Fortean Times and books published by Knockabout Comics for years, so working with him has been a privilege.
British historian and journalist Mike Dash, a former editor of the Fortean Times, has written several critically acclaimed works of popular history, including Tulipomania and Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny.
Fort's status as a cult figure endures to this day in INFO, the International Fortean Organization (unrelated to the defunct Fortean Society) and the Fortean Times (not connected to INFO), a slick monthly magazine containing "The world's weirdest news stories.
In 2006 however, James Carlson of New Mexico, a serviceman based at Brawdy, West Wales, in the '70s and '80s, told paranormal magazine the Fortean Times in a letter that
I'm seriously considering writing to the Fortean Times (a journal of the weird and wonderful) describing this truly amazing incident.
The Fortean Times was won over by Scotland's Celtic history, fairies, ghosts and mermaids.