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FOSCAFriends of San Clemente Animals (New York, NY)
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Succeeding chapters follow the genesis of Fosca (premiered in 1873, also at La Scala) and Salvador Rosa (1874, Genoa).
This unconventional love story set in 19th Century Italy charts the triangle between handsome soldier Giorgio (Jere Shea), the married Clara (Marin Mazzie), and the ailing, homely Fosca (Donna Murphy), who reveals the nature of true inner beauty.
Torraca's essential observation is found in many a successor commentator: Mestica (1921), Steiner (1921), Del Lungo (1922), Scartazzini/Vandelli (1929), Grabher (1934), Trucchi (1936), Provenzal (1938), Pietrobono (1946), Momigliano (1946), Porena (1946), Sapegno (1955), Mattalia (1960), Chimenz (1962), Fallani (1965), Padoan (1967), Mazzoni (1967), Giacalone (1968), Singleton (1970), Bosco/Reggio (1979), Chiavacci/ Leonardi (1991), Hollander (2000), and Fosca (2003).
Beloved husband of the late Connie, stepdad of Tony and Antonietta and the late Maria Pacitto, grandad to Francesco and Fosca.
The camp is in the woods about 200 metres from one of the Costa Brava's best beaches, Playa de la Fosca.
The second section of the volume includes analyses of films produced between 1981 and 2005: Scola's Passione d'amore (which adapts Tarchetti's Fosca by downplaying its Gothic elements and underscoring the devastating effects of love), Archibugi's Con gli occhi chiusi (a more realistic version of Tozzi's tragic narrative by the same name), Comencini's La bestia nel cuore (the director's adaptation--a reinterpretation and retelling--of her own eponymous novel), the Taviani brothers' Kaos (based on Pirandello's Novelle per un anno, and focused on motherhood, the journey, and an obsession with vision), and Rosi's La tregua (a meditation on the workings of the language of film inspired by Levi's narrative by the same name).
This does not lessen the impact of East West's hauntingly beautiful production, immaculately staged by artistic director Tim Dang and perfectly supported by musical director Scott Nagatani, featuring an unforgettable, tour de force performance by Jacqueline Kim in the role of love-tortured Fosca.
The first section comprises articles by Eckhard Kessler, Mayotte Bollack, and Anthony Grafton, the second has articles by James Hankins, Jill Kraye, Enno Rudolph, and Christopher Celenza, and the third includes articles by John Monfasani, Salvatore Camporeale, and Fosca Mariani Zini.
On the third page of his fictionalized biography of Antonio Carlos Gomes, Rubem Fonseca advises the reader that he has produced a screenplay ("Isto e um filme") for a film about the nineteenth-century composer of O guarani, Fosca, Salvator Rosa, Maria Tudor, Lo Schiavo, and other operas, almost totally forgotten today.
Tra i testi post-unitari che ricorrono a momenti di goticizzazione e fantasticizzazione del testo spiccano Fosca (1869) di Igino Ugo Tarchetti e il racconto lungo, Senso (1883), di Camillo Boito.
You must arrive at Camping King's, 200 metres from Playa de la Fosca beach, between June 16 and 23.