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FRAFederal Railroad Administration (US DoT)
FRAFrater (Latin: brother)
FRAFranklin Road Academy (Nashville, Tennessee)
FRAFundamental Rights Agency (EU)
FRAFörsvarets Radioanstalt (Swedish: Defense Radio Establishment)
FRAForward Rate Agreement
FraFranconian (linguistics)
FRAFleet Reserve Association
FRAFull Retirement Age (SSA)
FRAFlood Risk Assessment
FRAFlash Recovery Area (programming)
FRAForest Resources Association (Rockville, MD)
FRAFrequency Response Analysis
FRAFire and Rescue Authorities (UK emergency services)
FRAFerengi Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek)
FRAFiscal Responsibility Act
FRAFamily Relations Act (Canada)
FRAFixed Radio Access
FRAFlorida Redevelopment Association
FRAFlorida Restaurant Association (now Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association)
FRAForward Repair Activity
FRAFund for Rural America
FRAFront Range Airport
FRAFirst Responder - Awareness (hazardous materials)
FRAFrente Radical Alfarista (Spanish: Radical Alfarista Front, Ecuador)
FRAFinancial Responsibility Act
FRAFredericksburg Regional Alliance
FRAForestry Reclamation Approach
FRAFederal Register Act
FRAFermi Research Alliance, LLC (Batavia, IL)
FRAFederal Reimbursement Allowance
FRAFrankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt International (Airport Code)
FRAFuture Rockstars of America
FRAFalse River Academy (Louisiana)
FRAFlap Retraction Altitude (aviation)
FRAFoundation Repair Association (construction)
FRAFixed Resource Allocation
FRAFaculty Research Associate
FRAForward/Future Rate Agreement
FRAFast Rate Adaptation
FRAFlame Resistant Apparel
FRAFunded Reimbursement Authority
FRAFlorida Rehabilitation Association
FRAFederal Recovery Administration
FRAFlexible Resource Allocation
FRAFederal Radio Act
FRAFlexible Retirement Annuity
FRAFuel Rack Actuator
FRAFolded Reflector Antenna
FRAFan, Return Air
FRAForeign Registered Agent
FRAFunctional Requirements Allocation
FRAFunded-Reimbursable Reimbursement Authority
FRAForce Reconnaissance Association
FRAFuze Removal Adapter
FRAFleet Research Assist
FRAFire Resistance Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FRAFlight Refuelling Aircraft (Indian Air Force)
FRAFinal Repair Account
FRAFinancial Reporting and Analysis
FRAFugitive Recovery Agent
FRAFrost Resistance Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FRAFire Risk Assessment (various organizations)
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4 percent increase in total seats being offered, the number of flight departures scheduled per week via FRA will rise only moderately by 1.
On May 19, Air China (CA/CCA) will be inaugurating a new intercontinental route via FRA with three flights per week to Chengdu(CTU), the capital city Sichuan province in China.
What a grand Toon Hall the eye'll greet, And aall ower the place the 'lectric leet, Wi' foontains and trees in ivvory street A hundred eyars fra noo
At the same time the FRA report points out a positive tendency a in 2011 the total number of EctHR judgements finding at least one violation has dropped to 529 from 2010's 657 judgements.
During the summer season, FRA operated 4,585 weekly flights to 298 destinations and 250 weekly cargo scheduled flights.
The section has long argued that the FRA is not acting independently enough of industry influence and is not enforcing the regulations already on our books.
The FRA has been studying crash-energy management since 2003 and already has staged five test crashes.
As Fra Giovanni, he held a number of important posts, including that of prior at the order's convent in Fiesole.
In reviewing the proposal under the Bank Merger Act and section 9 of the FRA, the Board has carefully considered the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the companies and depository institutions involved in the proposal and certain other supervisory factors.
Thus, FRA became one of the first airports in the world to have direct rail links, which are envied even today by many other airports.
Her introduction (3-5) establishes her primary focus as the religious context in which Fra Filippo lived and carried out his art.