FRANCIEFramework Assessing Notorious Contributing Influences for Error (NASA)
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Colleen told the BBC: "You always saw them out and about, more so Francie than Nan, but he never would have passed you on the street.
Starring as Francie, Liam persuaded school pal and star of the Glasgow Pavilion panto Johnny Mac to play Josie and resurrect the act they first did as teenagers at youth theatre.
Doherty wants to make his seven-year-old son Francie as tough as his grandfather, saying: "You're born with it .
Francie said: "Finding a way to help teenagers understand, in real terms, the consequences of experimenting with fire and home-made 'bombs' is a challenge.
Friends of father-of-three Clarkson now say it is unclear how much more pressure the colourful presenter's 18-year marriage to Francie, 50, can withstand.
Yesterday a source close to the BBC presenter confirmed: "It is highly unlikely that Jeremy and Francie will live together again.
A1 grade at Swindon, Ballymac Francie has won five from six for Dartnall, and has five open wins on his card.
Everything seems to be going along perfectly for Francie until a new girl shows up at school.
In the course of the story, Francie experiences realistically described relationships and dilemmas: for instance, her close relationship to her father, a single parent who has done a wonderful job raising his daughter, puts her into a difficult position when she sees insurance fraud and immigration violations in the stables her father manages.
Her husband, Paul Nutter, served as a Marine Lance Corporal and spent 13 months in-country, sending and receiving letters to and from 19-year-old Francie Nolan, a young woman who grew up a few doors down from Paul.