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FSKFrequency Shift Keying
FSKFreiwillige Selbstkontrolle (German movie rating organization)
FSKFrancis Scott Key
FSKFrancis Scott Key High School (Union Bridge, MD)
FSKFoil/Scrim/Kraft (tape)
FSKForces de Sécurité du Kosovo (French: Security Forces in Kosovo; Kosovo)
FSKFrance Shotokan Karaté (French martial arts school)
FSKFrancis Scott Key Bridge (Maryland)
FSKForsvarets Spesial Kommando (norwegian special forces)
FSKFarming Systems Kenya (Kenya)
FSKFremdsprachenkorrespondent (German: foreign language correspondent)
FSKFederalnaya Sluzhba Kontrazwedki (Russian: Federal Counter-Intelligence Service)
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Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" in 1814, but it wasn't until l931 that it became the official national anthem.
In September 1814, 35-year-old poet Francis Scott Key, a prisoner aboard a boat moored in the harbor, was inspired to write a poem about the flag that still flew following a night of fierce battle, as American soldiers defended the star-shaped fort from the advance of British troops.
Francis Scott Key escribio la letra del himno nacional de estados Unidos, "The Star Spangled banner".
It is important that all Americans understand the significance of our anthem's history--how our National Anthem came to be, from the poetry of Francis Scott Key to its association with a musical tune and our country's desire to adopt an official national anthem," says John Mahlmann, executive director of the National Association for Music Education, which is leading the project.
September 14, 1814: Francis Scott Key, a gifted amateur poet and hymnist, inspired by the sight of the American flag flying over Fort McHenry the morning after the British bombardment of the U.
Francis Scott Key, of "The Star-Spangled Banner" fame, saw this city and loved it--and you will too.
You know the impact it had on Francis Scott Key at Fort McHenry--our national anthem is a tribute to this flag.
14, Francis Scott Key, a Washington lawyer who had gone to the British fleet to obtain the release of a civilian prisoner and had been detained on one of the ships, saw the flag "by the dawn's early light," flying over the fort.
The nation's national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" was Written by Francis Scott Key On Sept.
During the American Revolution, the Sons of Liberty met beneath its branches; George Washington, Lafayette, and Francis Scott Key enjoyed its shade; legend holds that treaties with Indian tribes were sealed under its limbs.
Much like in the War of 1812, when rockets glared red in the perilous night sky over Baltimore harbor, and Francis Scott Key saw the next morning that our Star Spangled Banner was still there.
An extensive bibliography contains references about the flag, Francis Scott Key, and the War of 1812.