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FDPFlat Display Panel
FDPFree Democratic Party
FDPFilho da Puta (Portuguese: Son of a Bitch)
FDPFreie Demokratische Partei (German: Free Democratic Party)
FDPFederal Demonstration Partnership
FDPFutbol De Primera (soccer radio broadcasting company)
FDPFixed Dental Prosthesis
FDPFlat Display Prompter
FDPFractal Design Painter
FDPFonds de Développement Pédagogique (French: Educational Development Fund; Belgium)
FDPFibrin Degradation Products
FDPFlight Data Processing (FAA)
FDPFaculty Development Program
FDPFreisinnig - Demokratische Partei der Schweiz (Radical Democratic Party of Switzerland)
FDPFlexor Digitorum Profundus
FDPFamily Dental Plan (Utah)
FDPField Development Plan
FDPForce Directed Placement (algorithm)
FDPFederal Demonstration Project (US FEMA)
FDPFils de Pute (French: Son of a Bitch)
FDPFire Department Connection
FDPForest Development Project (various locations)
FDPFarnesyl Diphosphate
FDPForest Development Plan
FDPForest-Dependent People
FDPFiduciaire du District de Paris (French: Trustee of the District of Paris)
FDPDemocratic and Patriotic Forces (Republic of the Congo)
FDPForecast Demonstration Project (WMO)
FDPFamily Development Program
FDPFighting Dreamers Productions
FDPFlight Duty Period
FDPFender Discussion Page (guitar web forum)
FDPFederation of Deaf People (UK)
FDPFiji Democratic Party
FDPFiber Distribution Panel
FDPFull Day Preschool
FDPFast Drill Process (Exxon Mobil Corp.)
FDPFunded Decommissioning Programme (UK)
FDPFoundry Discovery Protocol (Foundry Networks)
FDPFibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Product
FDPFlood Damage Prevention (USACE)
FDPFinal Distribution Point
FDPFigli della Divina Provvidenza (Sons of Divine Providence, religious order)
FDPForeign Duty Pay
FDPFluorinel Dissolution Process
FDPFrente Democratico Popular (Peruvian Popular Democratic Front)
FDPFatigue Decreased Proficiency
FDPField Developed Program
FDPFast Digital Processor
FDPFast Delivery Product
FDPForward Distribution Point (formerly Supply Support Activity, SSA)
FDPFunded Delivery Period
FDPForeign Dividend Payment (New Zealand)
FDPForward Director Post
FDPFactory Delivered Price
FDPFuture Data Processors (of DMPA)
FDPFamily Depression Program
FDPFull Dimension Protection
FDPFlight Director Panel
FDPFrequent Diner Program (various companies)
FDPFree Democratic Project (music)
FDPFuel Delivery Pressure
FDPFazers Demand Proof
FDPFractional Delivery of Phosphate
FDPFixed and Dilated Pupil
FDPFabbrica Di Polli (Italian Radio Show)
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Between 1949 and 1966 the united caucus of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU), either alone or with the smaller Free Democratic Party (FDP), formed the government.
The difference in winning this election was the CDU-CSU's ability to form a coalition with the Free Democratic Party (FDP), or more simply, the ability of the right leaning parties to cooperate with one another.
Every fourth German harbors anti-foreigner sentiments," DW quotes Miriam Gruss, a Free Democratic Party parliamentarian.
It means she will not be able to form the ruling coalition she had hoped for with the pro-business Free Democratic Party.
The narrow victory means it is unlikely she will form the ruling coalition she had hoped for with the pro-business Free Democratic Party and become Germany's first woman Chancellor.
At the most, there was a danger of what the Swiss journalist Fritz Rene Alemann called its "democratic mimicry," particularly in the Free Democratic Party, which provided a safe haven for old Nazis.
34] Even women politicians such as Marie-Elisabeth Luders of the Free Democratic Party embraced this ideology, urging West German women to resume their "task from time immemorial as the protector of home and family.
The Free Democratic Party said yesterday it would not rule out calling for a parliamentary investigating committee to be formed to study allegations that Mr Fischer was more involved in violence than he has said.
Some of the most prominent activists who split with DemRussia over what they regarded as the organization's blind loyalty to the president--such as historian and political commentator Leonid Batkin and Free Democratic Party leader Marina Salier--joined in the referendum campaign.
In the process, he fetched valuable political capital: As a close friend of foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher and a member of the Free Democratic Party --long Germany's free-market concience --Moellemann is widely though to seeking FDP leadership and perhaps even Gencher's slot, should the latter step down in a few years as expected.
5 percent of the vote in a January election, jackbooting the veteran Free Democratic Party right out of the city Parliament.