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FEFAFor Emma, Forever Ago (Bon Iver album)
FEFAFree and Fair Elections Foundation of Afghanistan
FEFAFondation Entente Franco Allemande (French: Franco-German Agreement Foundation; Strasbourg, France)
FEFAFree Education for All (Vox Humanitatis)
FEFAFiber-Optic Evanescent Field Absorption
FEFAFar End Fault Alarm
FEFAFlorida Everglades Forever Act
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Bahrain has always held education in high significance and most of the outstanding regional and international academic achievements can be attributed to the free education for all that nurtured great talents," the minister said.
The ambassador indicated that there is an increasing need for free study seats, due to the large number of students who have joined schools after President Maguflui announced free education for all locals.
Maulana Fazl said his party believed in free education for all and that it distributed free books among students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa when it was in government.
Write a short report setting out ideas to get British school children more involved in the Government's campaign to tackle poverty, including free education for all across the continent.
A PRESSURE group campaigning for a free education for all believes a government U-turn on student funding does not go far enough.