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FFFFun Fun Fun
FFFFuneral for a Friend (song)
FFFFrench Football Federation (athletic association)
FFFFollow for Follow
FFFFantastic Film Festival (various locations)
FFFFédération Française de Football
FFFFreed from Fear
FFFFull Fathom Five
FFFForte Fortissimo (music; as loud as can be played)
FFFFive for Fighting (hockey; band)
FFFFuture of Freedom Foundation
FFFFun Fearless Female
FFFFree Form Fabrication
FFFFixed Font Format
FFFFlat File Format
FFFFirst Film Festival
FFFFound Footage Festival (comedy event)
FFFField-Flow Fractionation (molecular separation technique)
FFFFédération Française de Funk (French: French Federation of Funk; band)
FFFForm, Fit, Function
FFFFédération Française de la Franchise (French: French Franchise Federation)
FFFFuel Fabrication Facility
FFFFlicker Fusion Frequency (ophthalmological figure)
FFFFederation of Free Farmers
FFFFastest Finger First (gaming)
FFFFresh Film Fest (Czech Republic)
FFFFree French Forces
FFFFight for Freedom (gaming)
FFFFortune 500 Index (stock symbol)
FFFFamily Faith Formation (various organizations)
FFFFit for Fight
FFFFree from Finance (website)
FFFFederation of Flyfishers
FFFFrancophone Film Festival (various locations)
FFFFinished First Floor (architectural drawings)
FFFForum for Football
FFFFaithfully Fit Forever (exercise class)
FFFFly Fishing Florida
FFFFrance Flora Fauna (French nature program)
FFFFar from Finished (band)
FFFFunctional Foods Forum (various locations)
FFFFuture Fisherman Foundation (various locations)
FFFFuture Fighting Force (US Army)
FFFFourth Freedom Forum
FFFFive Friends Forever
FFFFine French Furniture (interior decorating)
FFFFloyd Fairness Fund (legal defense fund)
FFFFoundation for Florida's Future (think tank)
FFFFilmfernsehfonds Bayern GmbH
FFFFamily Foundation Fund (Nashville, TN)
FFFFast Forward Flight
FFFFinal Fantasy Fans (gaming)
FFFFox Football Fone-In
FFFFit, Form & Function (engineering)
FFFForced Family Fun
FFFFast Food Freestyle (song)
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FFFFrosty Freezy Freeze
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FFFFédération Française Féline (French: French Feline Federation)
FFFFour Footed Friends, Inc. (Indiana, PA)
FFFFan Fold Foam
FFFFamily Friends Fools
FFFFlat Foreign Female
FFFFight for Fun (BF2 Clan)
FFFFlatland Film Festival (Lubbock, TX)
FFFFirm Financial Facility
FFFFloersheimer-Fayence-Fabrik (German porcelain factory)
FFFFounders, Friends, Family (finance)
FFFFinal Fantasy Freak (gaming)
FFFForming Futures Foundation (Colombia)
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FFFFormulas Fatal to the Flesh (Morbid Angel album)
FFFFight for Five
FFFFortisissimo (music)
FFFFuturama Fan Forum (web forum)
FFFFertile Free Fuels
FFFFamily Friendly Forum
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FFFFossil Fuel Foundation of Africa
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FFFFreedom Flag Foundation (Norway)
FFFFull Face Fit (mask)
FFFFirst Flight Foundation (formerly First Flight Centennial Foundation; North Carolina)
FFFFoundations for Farming (UK)
FFFFreight Forwarding Fundamentals
FFFFriends for Future
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Free French Forces led by General Le Gentilhomme comprising six battalions and a company of tanks.
In Part 2, we will examine the handguns, submachine guns and light machine guns used by the Free French forces.
De Gaulle's position came under assault again in November 1942, when Roosevelt refused to involve him in planning for the Allied invasion of North Africa, code-named Operation Torch, bringing in another war hero, General Giraud, to command Free French forces in Algeria and Morocco.
What emblem was adopted by the Free French forces in World War II?
As a 20-year-old Royal Marine commando and radio operator, Mr Churchill landed on Sword beach on D-Day with the Free French forces under the command of Philippe Kieffer and took part in the battles of Ouistreham and Amfreville.
In 1942 he joined the Free French Forces and landed in France for the first time in 1944.
JUST AFTER I JOINED General de Gaulle's Free French Forces in England during World War Two, I was trained as a liaison officer.
In 1938, Petter returned to Switzerland, where he was employed by Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft (SIG), but in 1940 returned to France and served with General De Gaulle's Free French forces.
During World War II, Free French forces were supplied with English and American handguns, including Webley Mk.
But his love of parachuting hasn't diminished and he was thrilled to be given the chance of portraying a French captain of the 50th Free French Forces in the forthcoming series Band of Brothers.
Charles De Gaulle's Free French forces also used the MAS 1936 until reequipped with British and American arms, although many remained in service throughout the war years in France's overseas territories.