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FITFashion Institute of Technology (New York)
FITFlorida Institute of Technology
FITFaculty of Information Technology
FITFinance and Information Technology (various organizations)
FITInstitute for Applied Information Technology (GMD, Germany)
FITFederal Income Tax
FITFeed-in-Tariff (renewable energy mechanism)
FITFuture in Teaching (Hawaii)
FITFramework for Integrated Test
FITFaculty in Training (various locations)
FITFuture Income Tax
FITFriends in Tech (podcasters and bloggers group)
FITFederal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
FITFirefighter in Training (various locations)
FITFukuoka Institute of Technology (Japan)
FITFunds Investment Trust (various locations)
FITFully Integrated Technology
FITFirst Impressions Team
FITFondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (French: Foundation for Technological Innovation; Switzerland)
FITFecal Immunochemical Test (InSure)
FITFédération Internationale des Traducteurs (French: Internationale Federation of Translaters)
FITFraunhofer Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik (German: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology)
FITFaculty Instructional Technology (various locations)
FITFrame Interline Transfer
FITFile Index Table
FITFacility Instructor Training
FITFine Tuning
FITFiltering and Identification Tool
FITFunds-In-Trust (intangible cultural heritage financial assistance)
FITFracture Intervention Trial
FITFundamentals of Instructor Training (Red Cross)
FITFlanders Investment and Trade (Flanders, Belgium)
FITFederazione Italiana Tennis
FITFailure in Time
FITFocal Infection Theory
FITFinancial Information Tool (various organizations)
FITFrequency, Intensity, and Time
FITFiber Innovation Technology (Johnson City, TN)
FITFree Independent Traveler (travel industry)
FITForum on Information Technology
FITField Investigation Team
FITFace It Together (Iowa anti-drug program)
FITFree International Trade
FITForced Induction Technologies
FITFailure unIT (reliability analysis)
FITFrame Interline Transfer (image sensors)
FITFingerprint Identification Technology
FITFrequently in Trouble
FITFirst Indication of Trouble
FITFuture Interaction Technology
FITFoundation for International Training (Markham, ON, Canada)
FITFailure In Test
FITFrance Ingénerie Topographie (French: France Engineering Surveying)
FITFault Isolation Test
FITFlex Interconnect Technologies (Milpitas, CA)
FITFormation Insertion Travail (French: Insertion Training Work)
FITForest Industries Telecommunications (non-profit, provides PLMRS frequency coordination)
FITForce Integration Training
FITForeign Independent Traveler (travel industry; lone travellers as opposed to groups)
FITFully Inclusive Tour (travel services)
FITFuture Improvement Technology Foundation (New Jersey)
FITFree Individual Traveler (tourism)
FITFleet Introduction Team
FITFormation Integrity Test (oil drilling)
FITFile Information Table
FITFully Independent Traveller (tourist not part of tour group)
FITFlight Instrument Trainer
FITFootwear Industries of Tennessee, Inc. (est. 2013)
FITFemales in Trouble
FITFANS Interoperability Team
FITFrance Industries Techniques
FITFitness Improvement Training
FITFrequent Independent Traveler
FITFoyer International des Travailleuses (French: Foyer International Workers)
FITForeign Inclusive Tour (travel package)
FITFederal Improvement Team
FITFailed Income Test
FITFinite Integration Theory
FITFunctional Integration Test
FITFrequent Individual Traveller
FITFailure Detection & Identification
FITFirst Is Third (Camp Ozark)
FITFinal Integration and Test
FITFlow Indicator Transmitter (pipe transmitter)
FITFederal Investigation Team
FITFault Isolation Tree
FITForward Incident Team
FITFacility for Interoperability Testing
FITFoundation to Improve Television
FITFailure-Inducing Thread
FITFacility Instructor Training (FAA)
FITFormation Interval Test
FITFixed Itinerary Tours
FITFeature Integration Approach (perception)
FITFault Isolation Technology
FITFacilities Improvement Team
FITFoundation for Intercultural Exchange (non-profit high school student exchange program)
FITFunctional Interface Translator
FITFire Industry Training (Victoria, Australia)
FITFlight Information Temporary (FAA notices to airmen)
FITFleet Implementation Team
FITField Integration and Test
FITField Implementation Testing
FITFleet Installation Team
FITFocus Integration Team
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Mao pointed out that the number of tourist arrivals to Taiwan will grow further this year, thanks to the new air rights, increased flights, and the expansion of the sources of Chinese free individual travelers to 11 cities.
Hung noted that free individual travelers will have more time taking physical examination than members of tourist groups, who have more difficulty taking such service, due to the tight schedule of their itinerary.
16, 2010 (CENS) -- The government will open up visits by Chinese free individual travelers to Taiwan in a gradual manner, limiting such visits to Chinese citizens from specific places under a certain quota initially, said Premier Wu Den-yih yesterday (Sept.
Taiwan and China have agreed to allow Chinese free individual travelers to visit Taiwan next year but the proposal may not be realized by the Lantern Festival in mid-February next year, as hoped by Wu previously, due to inability to put corresponding measures in place in time.
Big international brands are boosting their presence in Taiwan to meet surging demand brought on not only by the economic recovery but also by the flood of Chinese tourists into the island-and the opening of Taiwan to Chinese free individual travelers (FITs) will cause demand to soar even more.
At present, all Chinese tourists came to Taiwan via tourist groups and expectation of local tourism firms for the opening up of Chinese free individual travelers may not be realized in the short term, as Man Hongwei, secretary general of China's Cross-Taiwan Strait Tourism Exchange Association, reported yesterday that there is still not a timetable for the liberalization, adding leeway for the further development of tourist-group travel is still very large.
China began to allow free individual travelers to visit Hong Kong and Macao in 2002 and the number of Chinese tourists to the two sites has been expanding vigorously ever since, reaching 17-18 million each a year now.
Taipei, July 7, 2010 (CENS)--Chinese free individual travelers will be permitted to visit Taiwan, at limited scale initially, possibly starting early next year, revealed Premier Wu Den-yih yesterday (July 6).
With the addition of free individual travelers, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan will surely break the 1 million mark in 2011.
Moreover, Fan Guishan reported that the mainland Chinese side has started studying the feasibility of permitting free individual travelers to visit Taiwan, including the issuance of related documents and methods for solving their travel problems, adding that the liberalization may be applied to citizens from major cities on a trial basis initially.
Industry players reported that during his upcoming trip to Taiwan for the event, Shao Qiwei, chairman of China National Tourism Administration, would announce three favorable measures for visits of Chinese tourists to Taiwan, including allowance of Chinese free individual travelers to visit Taiwan, initiation of cross-Strait tourism charter planes, and simplification of travel procedures to Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan.
During the meeting, Taiwanese representatives advsised the Chinese side to open up visits by Chinese free individual travelers to Taiwan.