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FTSFree to Speak
FTSFujitsu Technology Solutions (est. 1999)
FTSFailure to Stop
FTSFight to Survive (gaming)
FTSFast Track Service (various organizations)
FTSFourier Transform Spectrometer
FTSFull-Text Search (filename extension)
FTSFull Table Scan (computing)
FTSFederal Technology Service
FTSFinancial and Technical Support (various organizations)
FTSFast Tool Servo (system)
FTSFees for Technical Services (tax; India)
FTSFault Tolerance Service
FTSFlip the Script
FTSFlight Test Squadron (US Air Force)
FTSFuel Tank Safety (aviation)
FTSFile Transfer System
FTSFault Tolerance Server
FTSFast Track Server
FTSFile Transfer Software
FTSFull Text Search
FTSFile Transfer Support
FTSFavourite Track Selection
FTSFile Transfer Service
FTSFast Track Schedule
FTSFirst Trimester Screening (pregnancy)
FTSFast Track Settlement
FTSFourier Transform Spectroscopy
FTSFederal Tariff Service (Russia)
FTSFlying Training Squadron (USAF)
FTSFoundation for Tomorrow's Schools (Montana)
FTSFull-Time Support
FTSFlight Termination System
FTSFinancial Tracking System
FTSFederal Telecommunications System
FTSFault Tolerant System
FTSFire Training School (various locations)
FTSForce Transfer System (Mavic)
FTSFlight Test System (US NASA)
FTSFull Time Student
FTSFederal Telecommunications Service
FTSFixing To Start
FTSFresh Tilled Soil (Waltham, MA)
FTSFederal Telephone System
FTSFlight Test Station
FTSForeign Tire Sales (Union, NJ)
FTSField Trial Secretary (various meanings)
FTSFrance Transmission Service (France)
FTSForeign Trade Statistics
FTSFreedom Team Salute (US Army recognition program)
FTSFile Tracking System
FTSFederal Customs Service (Russian)
FTSFaculty Technology Services (various schools)
FTSFacteur Thymique Sérique (Serum Thymic Factor)
FTSFujitsu Transaction Solutions (Fujitsu Ltd.)
FTSForest Technology Systems, Ltd
FTSFirst Tier Suburbs (National League of Cities)
FTSFiber Transport System
FTSForensic Treatment Services (Pennsylvania)
FTSFine Track Sensor (US Air Force)
FTSFull-Time Status
FTSFormulation et Traitement des Surfaces (French: Formulation and Treatment of Surfaces)
FTSFunds Transfer Service (banking)
FTSFoundation for Traffic Safety (AAA)
FTSFrequency and Timing Subsystem
FTSFrequency and Time Systems
FTSFight the System
FTSField Training Services
FTSFacing Target Sputtering
FTSFull Tank Shot (aquarium hobbyist photos)
FTSFuji Techno-Service (Japan)
FTSFirearms Tracing System (ATF)
FTSFuel Temperature Sensor
FTSFellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
FTSFuture Technology Systems (various locations)
FTSFuel Transfer System
FTSField Test Set
FTSField Technical Specialist (automotive)
FTSFlight Training Supplement
FTSForget the System (polite form)
FTSFellow of the Tourism Society (UK)
FTSFluid Therapy System
FTSFederation Test System
FTSField Training Supervisor (law enforcement)
FTSFrequency Time Standard
FTSFinancial Transaction Switch
FTSFixed Terminal System (RR network communication)
FTSFloppy Tail Syndrome (geckos)
FTSFollow the Sun, Inc (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
FTSFirst Time Sewerage (civil engineering)
FTSFinancial Technical Services
FTSFleet Truck Sales (West Haven, Utah)
FTSFilm Transport Speed
FTSFiber Transmission System (Alcatel)
FTSFers Toutes Sections (Villeneuve, France)
FTSField Transfer System
FTSFormosa Travel Service
FTSFlight Telerobotic System
FTSFlexible Turret System
FTSForward Training Site
FTSFlight Telerobotic Service
FTSFICS Testing Server
FTSFlight Termination Subsystem
FTSField Termination Center
FTSForget This/That Stuff (polite form)
FTSFile Transfer Service/System
FTSFrench Titanic Society
FTSFiber-Optic Test Set
FTSFiscal Transparency Seminar (IMF)
FTSFriendship Through Sports
FTSFlying Tippler Society of the USA (est. 1987)
FTSFoundation for Theosophical Studies (UK)
FTSFuel Treatment Service
FTSFree Trade Syndicate (gaming alliance)
FTSFeature Tracking System
FTSFlyer Training School (Royal Air Force)
References in classic literature ?
He was just as free to speak to gentlemen of his own rank as to those below him; for another day, when we were out, we met a Captain Langley, a friend of our master's; he was driving a splendid pair of grays in a kind of break.
The sensation which kindles in large assemblies, when they are relieved from a state of breathless suspense and are again free to speak and move, was yet rife, when the lodger, as usual, summoned the men up stairs.
Julian seized on the chance which left him free to speak privately to his aunt.
Your argument is complete, and if I were free to speak I should not hesitate a moment, but I am not my own master in the matter.
But I must add that everybody is free to speak their mother tongue.
She wanted to be free to speak out against the casino plans and had now written to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, urging him not to allow the proposed casinos to go ahead.
On the day the switch-back was announced, Dunleavy finally felt free to speak about the horrors of the composite ball.
Today, he indicated he had made his concerns known privately to ministers when he was Chief of the General Staff, but following his retirement was free to speak openly.
Pope Benedict XVI was able to attend at least the first and last session of each day, the latter being "free intervention" sessions at which any of the 250 participants were free to speak on any synodal topic for three minutes.
Ballack is free to speak to interested clubs in January, with his contract due to expire at the end of the season, and United already have an agreement in place to meet with the 28-year-old.
OF course Sien Lloyd is free to speak her mind about windfarms.
Fitz," the chill has reached down to what high school teachers can teach and what their students are free to speak or write about.