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FAHUFlorida Association of Health Underwriters
FAHUFresh Air Handling Unit (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
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The Office Areas Shall Be Supplied By A Constant Air Volume (Cav) Primary Fresh Air Handling Unit (Ahu) Which Shall Introduce Minimum Fresh Air For Occupants To The Office Area.
The facility will install the Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU) and Air Handling Unit (AHU), which recaptures energy amid 30% and 40% via its speed motors and heat wheel energy recovery method.
Fresh air is then delivered to each lift lobby to ventilate and pressurise the lobby and prevent any smell mitigation while central exhaust air is extracted from the bathrooms and kitchens and passed to the fresh air handling unit to reduce the energy consumption.
Awada says: "Fresh air is introduced to the building via three fresh air handling units to improve the indoor air quality, which comprises of a heat wheel recovery wheel and run around heat pipe air handling units located on the roof and provided by chilled water via two small dedicated water cooled chillers of 70 tons each.
We have AC units on every floor and a fresh air handling unit on the roof, just to give the ventilation mains treated, fresh, filtered air to the building.
The company says it has just won a 'multimillion dirham' contract to provide fresh air handling units for 60 high-end villas.
Under the terms of the contract, Al-Futtaim Air Conditioning will supply ducted, package units and fresh air handling units for each unit in the development.
The contract lists that the the system will also include duty and standby pumps, a pressurisation unit, expansion tank, automatic chemical dosing system, air separator, treated fresh air handling units, energy recovery units, air handling units and 700 fan coil units.
The hotel adheres to other sustainability initiatives such as: motion detection sensors for all light fittings in back-of-house areas to conserve energy and reduce the property's carbon footprint, thermal wheels for energy recovery on fresh air handling units (FAHU) have been installed and compact florescent lamps fitted in the back-of-house areas.
To ensure energy efficiency, Fresh Air Handling Units have been fitted with thermal wheels and, wherever possible, economizer modes.
The new ratings are applicable to Clima Uno's recirculating air handling units, fresh air handling units and the energy recovery ventilators.
Creek Tower's air-conditioning system not only features carbon filters to meet the required standards, its fresh air handling units (FHUs) employ advanced heat exchanger technology to minimise air pollution.