FRODEBUFront for Democracy in Burundi
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Burundi's first Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye, of the Hutu-dominated FRODEBU Party, was elected in 1993.
1) The former president left the residence after several months and became politically active as one of the leaders of Frodebu.
For instance, the former ruling Front for Democracy in Burundi (FRODEBU), which was toppled by Buyoya on July 25 1996 - three years after it won the country's first democratic elections - is pro-Nyerere while the Union for National Progress (UPRONA), the main opposition until its alliance with FRODEBU in 1994, believes otherwise.
The main Hutu political party, FRODEBU, which prior to the coup had condemned Hutu rebel violence, now has threatened to embrace and support it.
Personally, I'm not interested in the Olympics, because they only have one ethnic group on that team,'' said Emmanuel Munezero, a journalist who is a member of the Hutu-dominated Frodebu party.
But Ndadaye's Frodebu government included at top leadership levels a nearly equal number of Hutus and Tutsis, as did the former ruling party, which Ndadaye defeated in June elections.
Political parties: Multi-party system consisting of 21 registered political parties, of which CNDD (the National Council for the Defense of Democracy, Hutu), FRODEBU (the Front for Democracy in Burundi, predominantly Hutu with some Tutsi membership), and UPRONA (the National Unity and Progress Party, predominantly Tutsi with some Hutu membership) are national, mainstream parties.