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FURSFoundation for Urban and Regional Studies (est. 1995; UK)
FURSFederal Underground Injection Control Reporting System
FURSFitosanitarne Uprave Republike Slovenije (Slovenian: Phytosanitary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia)
FURSFrom Unreliable Sources
FURSFerrets Unlimited Rescue Service (Cleveland, OH)
FURSFlinders University Research Scholarship (Flinder University; Australia)
FURSFamilial Ureteric Reflux Study
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The French Foreign Ministry denied yesterday that France knew about the fact Gaddafi's military convoy crossing into Niger, noting that such news came from unreliable sources of information.
Ali Al Mansoor requested the Media to make sure of the accuracy of the news about the bourse , as some news coming from unreliable sources may confuse investors.
Unfortunately, some of the information he cites is from unreliable sources both about the Templars and the absence of information on what happened to the remnant in England after the end of the order.
But the public should be aware that by purchasing from unreliable sources they are putting money into the hands of criminals.
Until now, policymakers, program administrators and researchers have had to rely on estimates, data from limited studies or other states, or inferences drawn from unreliable sources due to California's poor collection and management of data.
Matt Welch's rambling discourse "Old Propaganda and New" (March) contains a great deal of misinformation from unreliable sources.
Even if we give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you did not know the information was false when you made the decision, you are guilty of basing a vital decision on information from unreliable sources.
The mental illness of the protagonist is played very convincingly although the exact details of his torture are taken from unreliable sources.
The Otis Redding Story', has had a lawsuit filed against him by the singer's widow Zelma Redding and his business manager Phil Walden, claiming that the book used information from unreliable sources to "cause harm to the plaintiffs".
You should also avoid buying discounted travel tickets or services from unreliable sources, as these are often bought with stolen credit cards, and you will not be able to use them," he added.
Ali Al Mansoor requested the media to make sure of the accuracy of the news about the bourse, as some news coming from unreliable sources may confuse investors.