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F/SFor Sale
F/SFull Service
F/SFaculty/Staff (various organizations)
F/SFinancial Statement
F/SFile Server
F/SFuel Surcharge
F/SFarside (public transit)
F/SFeasibility Study
F/SFrames per Second
F/SFeet per Second
F/SFrontside (extreme sports)
F/SFactory Sealed
F/SFlight Sergeant
F/SFrozen Section (histology)
F/SFridge/Stove (rental listings)
F/SFemale Spayed
F/SFolded Shirt (band)
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Switch frontside crooked grind half Cab crooked grind--anybody got that?
Rudolph's Harmony ASR allows the user to review frontside and backside images together, determine the severity of the defect, and "knock out" individual die based on defects on the front or back of that die.
S: I had to go slower for the front board than Ryan was going for the frontside flip.
Crooked grind nollie flip Kickflip frontside nosegrind
I guess my frontside flips were just working that day.
Kevin Kowalski Risks a frontside judo in heavy traffic.
Shurson continued, "This B20 beta customer has already been able to identify and correct wafer edge related process issues using our AXi / E20 edge and frontside wafer inspection system.
I was trying to think, "Who does the best frontside air?
The order includes an AXi system for frontside Advanced Macro Defect inspection, an E20 for edge inspection and a B20 for backside inspection.
Back lip to frontside 270 out Hall-Gab crooks to backside 5-0
Highlights included Rune Glifberg's backside lipslide over the channel, Pierre Luc Gagnon's nollie flip 360, and Bucky Lasek's frontside 540.
If I had to bitch about one single thing this time around, and I don't have to, but I want to, it's that they called a frontside air a "frontside indy.