FRSTFoundation for Research, Science and Technology (New Zealand)
FRSTFaculty of Resource Science and Technology (Malaysia)
FRSTFranklin Regional Swim Team (Franklin, IN)
FRSTFord Racing Sport Team (auto racing)
FRSTFreedom of Religion & Social Tolerance
FRSTFiesta Rally Sport Turbo
FRSTFunctional Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy (Palo Alto, CA)
FRSTFlashing Repeat Static Test
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Modelling and experimentation suggest a capability that combines DCS and DCR will increase both capability and throughput of the FRST vice a resuscitative and surgical capability employed by surgeons alone.
The RCSI team of young doctors explained how to lead a healthy lifestyle, the importance of personal hygiene and also taught the students basic frst aid skills, just in case of an emergency.
Before even taking the frst step, it is essential to have everyone commit to the success and/or failure of the project.
Defense Land Systems India, a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra and BAE Systems, that will soon be operational, unveiled its frst product, Mine Protected Vehicle India (MPVI), at the ongoing 'DefExpo 2010' in New Delhi.
Rodgers dicked a frst time shot past the onrushing Shwan Jalal, but the ball rolled inches wide of the target.
integral 2 UHF the frst mobile long-range UHF reader in Europe-enables the level of transmission power to be reduced, while the range of activity of the skeye.
A couple of months later, KOSEF, the main Korean science funder, sent a representative of their International Co-operation Team to New Zealand to open up discussions with FRST.
Andrew Strauss on the way to his frst one-day win as England captain at Trent Bridge last night
Could this be the place where you try diving for the frst time?
In the MoRST instructions to FRST dated July 1997, these objectives do not appear to have changed (MoRST 1997b).
A team of Humboldt State researchers frst measured "Mendocino" in mid-March; the Guiness Book of World Records later videotaped and verified its size.