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FoPTFields of Proficiency Testing (drinking water)
FoPTFruits of the Poisonous Tree (gaming)
FoPTFiber Optic Photo Transfer
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Chapters address probable cause, the exclusionary rule, the definition of search, search incident to a valid arrest, stop & frisk, search of the home, searches and seizures of automobiles and containers, consent, regulatory searches, Miranda rights, "due process" limitations on interrogation, line-ups, standing, and fruits of the poisonous tree.
Finding that the defendant had been treated as a murder suspect when arrested and not as a minor traffic offender,(7) the trial court concluded without precedent that the arrest was unlawful because it was pretextual and that the evidence obtained as a result of that arrest were fruits of the poisonous tree.
When Justice Brennan observed in Wong Sun that "the policies underlying the exclusionary rule [do not] invite any logical distinction between physical and verbal evidence,"(314) he was speaking of the fruits of the poisonous tree, not the poisonous tree itself.